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Start Date Wed Dec 31st, 1969 @ 12:00pm

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Title Timeline Location
Why are you awake?
by Ensign Anya Bagh & Ensign Henry Ivo
77579.8 (Monday, July 31st, 2400 at 0500 hours) Ivo and Bagh's quarters, TDV Sapiyr
Circle William
by Lieutenant Colonel Katom Sooranya
January, 23rd, 2400 at 1100 hours
Little Lives
by Ensign Henry Ivo & Ensign Anya Bagh
Set just after the events of "What in the Wolrd...?" Ivo's Quarters
Are The Bridge Cookies OK?
by Doctor Teagan Ceja
Ceja's Quarters
Anthropology on Demand, Episode 3
by Lieutenant JG Ezrin Ezee
Anthropology on Demand, Episode 2
by Lieutenant JG Ezrin Ezee
Anthropology On Demand, Episode 1
by Lieutenant JG Ezrin Ezee
Channel 21
Assumed Innocence
by Lieutenant Nydia Holt & Lieutenant JG Ezrin Ezee
Science lab, Arboretum, and Holt's quarters
General Alert, Stardate 74671.4
by Fleet Captain James Mitchell
Sector 017
by Lieutenant JG Ezrin Ezee
Sim Logs 2020
by Commander Jayla Rollands
Teaser: Between Ebb and Flow
by Doctor Teagan Ceja
Stardate: 73973.5 Galen IV
UnEzee Emotions
by Doctor Teagan Ceja
A few hours after Hazeline and Holt are rescued. Ceja's Office
Teaser: The New Years Sim 2020
by Doctor Teagan Ceja
The Neon Peacock

Mission Summary