USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Commander Jayla Rollands

Name Jayla Brooke Rollands

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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Sat Jan 15th, 2022 @ 9:18am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Bright Blue


Spouse Katom Sooranya (Soori)
Children Li'or Sooranya (birthdate 69730.5 (Thursday, September 24th, 2392, 0830 hours))
Father Jacob Rollands (Deceased)
Mother Sara Rollands (Deceased)
Brother(s) -Patrick Rollands
-Jason Rollands
-Aeron Rollands - MIA Wolf 359
Sister(s) -Lara Rollands (Former Sister-in-law, Ex-wife of Patrick)
-Kim Rollands (Sister-in-law, Wife of Jason)
Other Family -Tyler & Rebecca Rollands (Nephew/Niece, Patrick’s children).
-Adam & Tiffany Rollands (Nephew/Niece, Jason’s children).

Personality & Traits

General Overview Birthdate: October 21, 2360

Personal History Jayla was born in San Francisco and from that moment on, did not fit in. Her whole family had been born with either blonde or red hair. She has pure black hair but all the other features of her family, the light colored skin and the prominent freckles.

It didn’t take long for doctors to discover there was something else going on with her as well: her temperature did not seem to stay steady. It would either rise up far to high or fall to dangerous levels. Her brother, Aeron, who had just graduated Starfleet Academy in the medical field, took all of this on as his personal project with the approval of the Rollands family doctor.

There were many medications that were attempted, and many of them seemed to at least keep it under control. But it was found that Jayla’s temperature would change when she was scared or stressed. There was no way to say when it would happen, only to have the medications on hand at all times.

Growing up as the youngest of 3 and as the misfit, Jayla had always admired the shuttles that she would see flying up into space and knew from about the age of 4 that she wanted to be in Starfleet.

At a young age, Jayla was dealt another blow. Her brother, Aeron, was killed after volunteering to be part of the medical teams for Wolf 359. With the connection between she and her brother, Jayla never seemed to want to connect with anyone else for years. Even counseling didn’t help the situation. She tended to keep to herself, dealing with things in her own way.

Doing her best in her classes and ignoring the taunts that came from her classmates because of her always being sick, Jayla managed top marks and graduated from her primary schools nearly 2 years early due to acceptance at Starfleet Academy.

The Academy was tough for Jayla, as her parents were against her even going. On top of that, the taunts that she’d dealt with in her primary schools followed. The stress and anxiety caused her temperature to change rapidly. She was able to keep up with all of the work with help from her instructors.

The Academy had one more surprise in store for Jayla: love. There was one person who helped defend her from the taunts, helped her get through everything, even though he was one year ahead of her and in the engineering courses. A half-Vulcan named Larek E’Ron stayed by her side through everything, and it was difficult when he went off on his first assignment during the summer right before her last year.

During that same summer, she got a message back from Larek’s captain stating that he’d been killed during an engineering accident while they were on standard patrol. Jayla nearly didn’t go and complete her last year, but did it for both Aeron and for Larek.

After completing what she’d gone there for, Science, she did a few basic courses in Engineering and Medical so she could be familiar with them if the need arose, but would always be a scientist at heart.

Once graduated, Jayla's parents tried to keep her on Earth because they did not like the idea of her flying around in space. None of them had ever been into space and were very grounded people. Even her older brother's had stayed on Earth and had become men who sat behind desks all day. Shrugging them off, she pursued her dreams and put in for placement on different ships. The first to accept her was the USS Potemkin, and even after acceptance, her parents begged her to stay, fearing she would die on her first mission. She said she was sorry for leaving but had to follow her dreams.

Jayla’s parents allowed her to go and realized after some time that she would be safe in space. Whenever the chance arose, Jayla would visit her family on Earth or send them a subspace message to let them know she was well.

As time passed on board the Potemkin, Jayla went from an assistant science officer all the way up through to the Chief Science Officer. She did not remain at the rank of ensign for long, and found herself making it to a junior grade lieutenant, then full lieutenant, and up to first lieutenant, where she spent a number of years.

Jayla’s family dynamic changed as well. Her parents were killed in a house fire that was ruled an arson, but no investigation was ever completed. Her brother Jason went into hiding after for quite some time, feeling that because he wasn’t there, it was his fault. He came back out once his friends started to help find him. Her brother Patrick married a school sweetheart and has ended up with two children. Jason has also married and has two children of his own. Both of them are living in new houses on their parents land which was left to Jayla, but she had given to them to raise their families.

Jayla now hold the rank of full commander, with the positions of chief science officer and second officer.


Medical History

Jayla has a small medical condition that no one has found an explanation for. There are times that her temperature will either fall or spike rapidly. Medication has been used to help treat this, but it is not a cure. When it falls she becomes slightly disoriented, and when it spikes she becomes agitated. She tries not to let it affect her work performance, though at times the disorientation becomes so that she is unable to do anything but speak, and not very clearly at that.

Update to Medical History

During an away mission to a planet, Jayla's condition became severe. Upon returning to the ship, Doctor Arnet used something the inhabitants of the planet used to 'treat' their sick. It was found to be a cure for the condition she'd had since she was born. She no longer has strange temperature fluctuations.

Addendum: The afore mentioned medical condition has returned for an unknown reason. Same medication is to be administered.

Jayla has had one shoulder as well as both of her knees replaced due to injuries sustained while on duty.


Jayla’s condition could potentially become serious if it is not treated. She is to have her medication on her at all times, but only 1 dose. If it is not administered, or if she is to ignore the temperature change in her body, she could end up falling unconscious. This has happened twice in her lifetime. Once unconscious, she will remain that way for 3 days and will return to normal. During that time, only 1 dose of the medication should be administered. This condition has yet to be explained, and until there is a better treatment found, the medication provided in her medical records should be used.


Jayla is very confident in herself, but at times a little too confident. She will get into things that may push her too far. There are times she will break down crying just to let her emotions out. This is a normal reaction for her. Overall, she is very fit for duty and should not show any problems.