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Why are you awake?

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2024 @ 2:44pm by Ensign Anya Bagh & Ensign Henry Ivo
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Mission: Sim Logs
Location: Ivo and Bagh's quarters, TDV Sapiyr
Timeline: 77579.8 (Monday, July 31st, 2400 at 0500 hours)


Anya sat at the small desk in their quarters. She studied a small, makeshift book she had scrapped together and bound with string. She tried journaling to calm her mind as she was unable to sleep since their mission to Phasec II. She was able to be mostly quiet as Henry, Sean, and the kittens were still asleep.

She was lost in thought, coherent sentences were covered by almost random words and scribbles on the first few unlined pages. She stared at it frustrated and confused as she added more lines. Ink had turned the page nearly black.

“That would be easier if you used a PADD.” Was Henry’s sleepy comment from the doorway.

She sighed, “You should be asleep. Besides, I figured PADDs would have better use for actual work.” She smiled, though it didn't quite reach her eyes, it hid the circles under them for a moment.

Henry entered the room fully and allowed the door to swish shut behind him, coming to sit on the arm of her chair. “What are you working on?” He asked curiously.

“It was supposed to be a journal, then I wanted to write to Niavra,” she sighed, wistfully “I realized how little I could safely say. I know the federation would be all over every detail, so…” she motioned to the black pages.

“You could just write what you like, and then don't send it until we’re in a more stable position?” Henry suggested. He reached out to cup her cheek, his thumb rubbing over her skin softly. “You haven't been sleeping.”

“I try… just those scenes, why cover them? Why did they seem obvious that they were covered? then hearing that Julian might be involved…” she leaned her head into his palm.

“Have you heard from him lately?” She blinked up at him.

Henry looked away. “No. I almost wish I had, just to have something to report, but...” he sighed, heavily. “I may have worked for him for a long time, but I still have no idea what he wants. I wish I did.”

She closed her eyes, smiling at the warmth from his hand.
“I doubt he'll say too much now either way. If it's status or power he wants, we're in the wrong place for it.”

“I don't think those are what he wants.” Henry replied softly, looking a little over Anya’s shoulder, towards the room where Sean slept.

She sat still, frozen from the implication.
“You reminded me, I need to keep teaching him more self defense. Everything seems so thrown off since coming to this ship.” She shook her head.

“I know. I miss the Potemkin.” Henry put his free arm around her shoulders. “...if it was power or status he wanted, he’d try to publicly humiliate us before taking us out. Instead, he’s gone to some trouble to keep hidden, trying to blame his actions on others. What does that tell you?”

“Aside from being a coward and not taking responsibility… He’s waiting. For something to happen. I can't tell what though. He didn't seem injured… at least not his homunculi… so I don't think it's for healing.” She glanced back to Sean's room, then whispered to Henry, trying not to wake the sleeping boy.
“I would really like to have Hazeline run more diagnostics on him when we get better technology back.”

“I don't know what he’s waiting for either, but I don't believe he’s done with us. Nor do I believe it's power alone that he wants. There are a lot more effective ways to get power than kidnapping children.” Henry responded softly. He looked down at Anya. “And you won't be ready for any of it if you don't sleep.”

“But so many questions unanswered…” she sighed. “I have tried. Sleep just… isn't coming.” She looked down “I hope I didn't make a mistake. After Warp mentioned Julian then we had a whole room to destroy… I kind of just let loose in the room. The equipment in that stasis room was smashed beyond repair.”
She looked up to him, then back to the floor. “I couldn't help it. TJ had to snap me out of it.”

“You did just fine,” Henry assured her, moving behind her to massage her shoulders. “I would’ve done the same thing if I'd been down there with you.”

Her head bowed forward, relaxing a moment into his touch.
“There's an art to it. Leave no clues behind. Granted, it helps to have almost claws when needed.” She grinned.

“That is something that's kind of been bothering me, too.” Henry mused, not even smiling at the joke. “Their coverups. The only explanation I can think of for trashing the place is to cover their tracks. But we still found enough to know what they were doing, so what was the point?”

“To try to throw us off. According to Ms Tau’s note, it's not Star… I'm assuming she would've written fleet. So we have to think, who would benefit from this infighting?” she looked up. “Or benefit from it if they had just a bit more time… I doubt it was anyone trained at cover ups, so there is one clue.”

“Between the message on Ms Tau's mirror and the messes…. I don't recall learning that at the academy. They still look familiar.”
She half smiled.
“Want to know something silly? Ms Brunhilde used to mess up our rooms. More mine since I usually kept it neat. She did it when she needed a break from us as she knew we knew better than to come out before it was clean…” she turned to him, holding his hand as she did, “they almost remind me of her work, except she knew to make it look like it was me.”

“...that is kind of messed up.” Henry told her, shaking his head.

“It wasn't too bad. I mean, my things weren't broken at least, just strewn about everywhere. It only took me a few minutes to pick up.” She shrugged.

“Making a mess and blaming the kids in your care for it and making them clean it up is gaslighting at best.” Henry pointed out.

“I never said she was a good parental figure.” She looked to the floor. “It's part of the reason why I wasn't sure you would want me to meet Sean.”

“Sometimes, knowing what not to do is a good start,” Henry replied with a quiet smile.

“Maybe.” She sighed, “I mean, I don't let him handle a blade bigger than him yet.” She smiled slightly.

“That's definitely a good start,” Henry chuckled. He moved behind her and continued rubbing her shoulders. “You’re doing just fine, you know. Both with Sean and with the kittens.”

“Thank you,” she smiled and leaned back in the chair looking up to him. “I never thought I would be a parent.”

“Sorry to drag you into it,” Henry replied softly. “I still feel bad that I couldn't tell you,” he added, glancing down at her. “I feel like I roped you into it.”

She stood from the desk slowly, turned to face him and placed her forehead onto his. “I would still want to be his auntie. I could have said no a few weeks ago.” A warm smile crossed her face. “I'm glad I didn't. He is a good kid, even if I have no clue what I'm doing.”

Henry rested his head against her forehead ridges. “Can I tell you a secret? No parent ever knows what they’re doing.”

“Oh? They don't come with instruction manuals? Better not have any more then.” She laughed quietly.

“I don't know, I wouldn't mind having more. I've always wanted to be a parent,” Henry grinned. “But I think you’ll have a say in that.”

“Maybe once we get the Potemkin back.” She kissed his cheek.
“You know, I've never even thought or asked if I could even get pregnant or if I should. I don't know how the Klingon and Cardassian species got together.”

“The same way most get together, I'd assume,” Henry grinned at her wickedly.

Anya shook her head, pushing him playfully.
“I mean looking up when Klingons and Cardassians even made contact… I don't even understand how I came to be.”

“Still pretty sure it happened the usual way,” Henry grinned. He continued more seriously, “did Mrs Brunhilde give you any clues as to who your parents were?”

“She says she just found me in a basket on her doorstep… that's if she doesn't change the subject instead of giving an actual answer.” She rolled her eyes. “I never know what to believe with her. I've always been kind of…. Hidden. She treated Niavra the same, but at least Niavra knew she was betazoid.” Anya shook her head, her braids coming loose from her hair silk.

“At least with why you didn't mention Sean, there was a reason. A good one. I can't figure out why she lied about my history.”

“ might be a good idea to pay her a visit. That is, if everything else settles down enough for us to go back home.” Henry replied softly.

“Maybe… I would rather endure pain sticks though.” Anya sighed. “I don't want Sean or the kittens around her. Maybe I should just go by myself.”

“I wouldn't want the children around her, either, but that does not mean you have to go by yourself.” Henry pointed out.

“not exactly the first place I thought we would take shore leave.” She smiled again.

“Why not? I can tell it's important to you.” Henry smiled back.

“Because there's a multitude of beautiful planets and moons out there that I would rather explore with you…. Instead of going back to a woman that I know lied to many people about me.” Anya closed her eyes, rubbing them a bit. “Ok, maybe I could try to sleep again.”

“Sleeping does sound good,” Henry admitted, “but if you ever decide you want answers, I’ll help you however I can.”

“Come snuggle me? I think that would help the most right now.” She finally felt a bit of exhaustion setting in as she held her hand out to him.

Henry smiled and took her hand. “Anytime, parmaq.”



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