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Anthropology on Demand, Episode 3

Posted on Sat Jul 30th, 2022 @ 3:53am by Lieutenant JG Ezrin Ezee

352 words; about a 2 minute read

Mission: Sim Logs
Location: N/A

“One Out of Many”

A woman with dark skin and elaborate black hair smiles at the camera. Today, she wears a sheer dress in a startling shade of pink. Behind her is an image of what appears to be a machine crawling along sandy dunes. “Today, on Anthropology on Demand, we come to the planet Allura, where the creature you see behind me travels across the planet. These remarkable beings, called Drifters, traverse vast distances in the three to four decades they live for, before they return, driven by instinct, to this spot.” The image behind the woman changes to a flat expanse of desert bisected by a chasm so deep it’s bottom is in shadow. “Here, a special ceremony is performed by a select group of Allurans, who literally sing the creature to it’s resting place. Then, said group of Allurans gather together to form a new song, which somehow transforms their very bodies into a new, entirely unique Drifter, which then begins the cycle all over again. It is our understanding that Allurans are called by some instinct for the process of becoming a Drifter, and receive special placement and acknowledgment in their society because of it, and although the process is involuntary, they are honored among their people nonetheless. One particular Alluran is chosen to be what we can only describe as the ‘heart’ of the Drifter, and is dressed in red for the ceremony. What makes this Alluran different from their fellows is not clear, and the Allurans themselves do not seem to know what causes them to be singled out in this way. There may also be other Drifters out in the sands, however we have not been able to confirm this theory. All I can say is, Infinite Diversity, in Infinite Combinations. That’s all for tonight’s segment, I am Iris Strattenhold, and I’ll see you next week!”

The screen switches to images of various planets and creatures, and text appears across the images: to find out about new species, planets, and anomalies as they are discovered, subscribe to Anthropology on Demand!


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