USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C
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We Need an Opportunity

Posted on Sat Jan 15th, 2022 @ 9:18am by Commander Jayla Rollands

Mission: Personal Logs
Location: Earth First Headquarters, hidden - Earth

"Why did you not realize they were on Earth?! That would have been the perfect opportunity..." An angry red-headed man seemed to be yelling at whoever it was he was speaking to.

The woman swore under her breath before leaning across the table. "Because, Patrick, they've tightened security around her! You really think word of you getting away and still going after your sister, who is a first officer on a ship, wouldn't get out?! Not only does Starfleet Intel have eyes on her, but so do the Tserrans. Remember who she's married to."

Patrick Rollands stood up, obviously angry, and slammed his hands on the table. "Afraid of a few people? Is that how that is? I spent months out on that shuttle trying to find her. Who the hell would have given her word that I got away? We finally find her because of the coverage of that race thing, get there and she's gone. Then her ship arrives on Earth and no one in this group seems to want to get to her."

"It was more than a few people! She never once left the ship, and we couldn't board without being noticed. We knew they were here. And had she left the ship at any point? That husband of her's makes sure she is protected by Tserran guards."

"Do you think I care? She needs to be back home, and that marriage of her's needs to be done. She should have stayed on Earth where she belonged, even our parents knew this. It is safer here, and she can marry a human, have human children." He looked to the woman. "Did Jason have anything to do with her knowing? He hates shuttles, hates flying but...."

The woman shrugged, "I honestly don't know. We aren't keeping tabs on him, remember? We don't have a need to."

Patrick sighed angrily. "Start doing so. I don't want him warning our sister of any of our plans. Likely Starfleet let her know what was going on." He pulled up a holographic image of the Citadel and all the information he had on it. "If we can get here, and she is there, we might be able to get her and get out without being noticed. The place is big enough."

"We could use Alison Michaels. She's got a sister on board the Potemkin who she thought was dead until recently. She's been giving us a lot of support."

"Do it, find her."

The woman nodded. "Do you really plan on taking your sister away from her daughter? I get it, you don't even like those who are half-human, but she is blood at this point. What would that do to that girl?"

He glared at the woman, "I don't care. This would never have happened if she'd stayed on Earth like she was told. Starfleet can think they can come after me, but once I get my sister back, they won't find us. She'll be hidden away, and then her life can be right again, like it should be. Safe on Earth with a human family."

Both parts (Patrick Rollands and other woman) written by Commander Rollands in this post


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