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Posted on Thu Feb 29th, 2024 @ 9:28pm by Ensign Henry Ivo

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*set approximately 6 hours after the events of 'Fides'*

Henry Ivo walked down the corridors of the Potemkin, ignoring the looks he got from the crew. Most of them were hostile, and he supposed he could not blame them. Because of him, many of them had almost lost their children. But there were a few who were sympathetic, and Henry took solace from that. He could earn their trust again. He hoped. But the fact that he hadn’t even been arrested, let alone court martialed, still refused to be accepted by his mind. And Anya...she hadn't even looked at him really since Julian had escaped. He knew he would have to talk to her, but first...

He stopped in front of Sickbay. And waited for his heart to stop trying to beat itself out of his breast. When it showed no sign of doing so, he sighed, and entered.

Sickbay was loud. Anywhere with a hundred children would be, naturally, but it was still a bit of a shock. The children who belonged to crew had been quickly reclaimed by their parents (thankfully, none of the children had lost parents to the volcano, something Henry was fervently glad about), but there were a lot left over, and it would take time to find all their families.

Henry looked around in increasing agitation as he examined face after face and did not see Sean. Perhaps Julian still had him. Maybe he was dead already, Henry hadn't been careful to conceal his involvement once they’d gotten the kids back. Maybe Sean hadn't been with the others at all.

“Dad?” The familiar voice called up all sorts of emotions in Henry’s heart, but the one that was really important was relief. On jello legs, he turned around.

Standing there, next to a bio bed, and with a tattered brown lump in his arms that might have begun life as a teddy bear, was Sean. No longer the sweet and engaging four year old he had been, he was now nine, and looking around at all the doctors and nurses with suspicion. But his green eyes were fixed on Henry, and, once he’d seen him, Henry could not look away, either. “Seany?” He said, stupidly. Then his legs were moving, carrying him faster and faster, ignoring the nurse who told him to be careful, and Sean was running for him, too. They collided, both crying as they sank to the floor, hugging each other as if they would never let go again. Henry didn't know what he was saying, though he heard his own voice. “It's okay, I love you, it's going to be okay, you’re safe...” this and many more just like it tumbled out of his mouth without him even being aware of it. His son was *here*. He was *safe*. After five long, difficult years, he had his boy back.

Finally, *finally*, it was going to be okay.

~End Log~



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