USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C
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Anthropology on Demand, Episode 2

Posted on Thu Jul 28th, 2022 @ 9:55am by Lieutenant JG Ezrin Ezee

Mission: Sim Logs
Location: N/A

“A Lost Age”

A woman with dark skin and elaborate black hair smiles at the camera. Today, she is wearing flowing emerald green robes, an elaborate hair piece set with deeper green stones glistens in the light. Behind her is an image of mossy stones, the remnants of old pillars, and a cracked mosaic made of colorful ceramic. “Today, on Anthropology on Demand, we see the remains of an ancient city discovered by the crew of the USS Falcon on Stergis VII. New evidence would seem to suggest that the original inhabitants may have been quadrupeds, however, exploration of the area has proven most difficult, given the tendency of the moss we see growing on the stones to produce intense visual and auditory hallucinations with the merest touch. This remarkable herb seems to cling to anything it touches, and the only effective method of removal yet discovered is flame. As a result of this, most of our current knowledge is derived almost entirely from what unmanned drones can uncover without damaging the artifacts. Here we see the remains of an ancient mosaic, and analysis of the ceramics indicate that it is approximately five centuries old. Further scans have enabled us to create a rough estimate of what it might have looked like.” The screen behind the woman changes, showing half a dozen quadrupedal beings kneeling before what appears to be a shining silver orb. “Initial reports indicate that this may be a rendition of god-worship, however it is just as likely to be a simple piece of public art. Perhaps we shall never find out, but such uncertainties are a fact of discovery. That’s all for tonight’s segment, I am Iris Strattenhold, and I’ll see you next week!”

The screen switches to images of various planets and creatures, and text appears across the images: to find out about new species, planets, and anomalies as they are discovered, subscribe to Anthropology on Demand!


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