USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C
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Posted on Tue Sep 7th, 2021 @ 11:55pm by Commander Reven Rayus

Mission: Sim Logs

August, 11th, 2397 at 1105 hours

”Thirty seconds.”, came the voice of an Ensign sitting at the helm. One of the overhead lights popped and began to flicker. The captain stood, and mentally noted the light. Just another in a long list of maintenance issues they were dealing with, “Take us out of warp Ensign”, she turned and walked over to the science station as the streaks of light on the viewscreen was replaced by a debris field , “Anything yet?”

The science officer shook his head affirmatively, “Debris, lots of it. I would estimate eight separate vessels.”, the captain shook her head in disgust, “Lifesigns?”, a few beeps and trills were emitted by the science console, “None so far captain, just bodies. Lots of them.”

The captain nodded, “Can you confirm, were these ships destroyed across the border and drifted here, or were they chased into our space?”, the science officer replied almost immediately, “That is an easy one ma’am. The debris field stretches across the border, some of them...a majority of them were destroyed within Federation space. They were pursued across the border.”

“Note it for the log, and resume previous heading. I will be in my ready room.”, she turned and walked across the dimly lit bridge past a section of wall missing its cladding. Wires old and frayed visible. She thonked headfirst into the door to her ready room, to snickers from the rest of the bridge.

Rolling her eyes she removed a wedge from her pocket and pried the door open just enough that the automatic function took over.

She quickly sat down at the desk and began composing a message to Starfleet Command, “We have located the missing refugee fleet. Destroyed. No survivors. All indications are they were pursued across the border, and into Federation space. Command, we cannot patrol this border alone. The Repanse is old, we have missed our last two maintenance cycles, and we are in no shape to be doing what we are doing. Yet we do it anyway. We are but one ship held together by bailing wire and bravado. If we are to protect these refugees, we are going to need help, more vessels patrolling the border. With all due haste.

Captain Kaku, Uss Repanse”

She reached her hand out and tapped the send button, hoping that the message would arrive in a timely manner. Heck just hoping it would arrive at all.


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