USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C
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Posted on Tue Aug 3rd, 2021 @ 2:53am by Lieutenant JG Ezrin Ezee

Mission: Sim Logs

A very old-looking, green-skinned being lies at rest upon a low cot, ancient face smiling gently in eternal sleep. A slightly younger being tenderly folds six-fingered hands upon the still breast. “Kia says this Wandering shall be seeing the selection of a new Chosen; the star-traveller will have to be getting called to Armellia-home.” They announced softly to the other occupant of the room.

This occupant stands forward, out of the shadows, to rest their hand on the forehead of the dead being, almost in farewell. “Anik says they will not be wanting to return. We would not be, being in their place.”

“Kia says it is not mattering what star-traveller is wanting. The Chosen has crossed the Beyond-Gate. Kia says this Wandering will be seeing the selection of a new Chosen; we are thinking all Armellians are needing to be there.”

“Anik wonders, if star-traveller is being called to Armellia-home, will they be taking strange-thoughts-hard-feelings-Starfleet with them?” Anik asks anxiously.

“Kia is not knowing, but if we are inviting them also, star-traveller must be coming.”

Anik looks astonished. “Anik is not wanting mean-closed-Starfleet here!”

Kia puts their hand on the other being’s shoulder, comfortingly. “Kia is thinking star-traveller would not be being with them still if they are being same as rest of strange-ways-Starfleet. Kia says also that we are inviting Potemkin-ship-star-travellers, not closed-eyes-Federation.” The older being looks out of a window covered with a nearly-transparent membrane of fabric, up at the stars. “Kia thinks The Wanderer will not be minding, if it is meaning star-traveller is being present.”


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