USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C
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Transfer Orders

Posted on Sun Feb 28th, 2021 @ 7:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Flora Hazeline MD

Mission: Joint Logs
Location: The Potemkin

Title: Transfer Orders
Stardate: Now
Featuring: Flora Hazeline and Teagan Ceja

Flora looked around her quarters - what was left of them at least. Everything had been neatly stowed and taken away already, and she only had herself, a small travel valiese and Goldie, the bug she had rescued from the Spiderholm market left. Well he couldn’t very well travel without her, she had reasoned. So many memories - though none of the last few months, those were still absent. She was fine with that, they would return, or not, as they would. She had already made a lifetime, and more, worth of memories on the Potemkin, and off it. With this crew. They would be family for life, at least some would.

And it wasn’t as if she was really leaving. Sector General, or at least the Starfleet version of it, would be something the Potemkin could visit, on occasion or as need be. She grinned. She got to put her very own stamp on their Sector General! Exciting! There might have been a few flying insects in her stomach. Just a few. But they were welcome.

Teagan Ceja strode down the hallway to Flora’s quarters. As befitted a department head, she had a decent sized suite on Deck 5. Not that far from Teagan’s own quarters really. But they were soon to be far enough away that it would take travel to visit. Teagan still didn’t quite know how she felt about that, but orders were orders. And this opportunity was too incredible to ever try to talk Flora out of.

She paused, and then reached a hand to press the entry chime for Flora’s door. And waited.

“Come!” Flora called out, still standing in the room. She grinned as it opened. “Tea! I’d offer you a cup of coffee but…. “ She shrugged. “All packed up.” she added with a quiet smile. She put the carrier with the bug down and walked over. “Hug? I’m going to miss you.” she confessed quietly. “And the rest of this ship.”

“Hug” Ceja agreed. “And a check in. And some fussing about you staying in contact and not getting too engrossed in setting things up just so that you forget all of us.” She paused. “All of this. And me. I am so going to miss you.”

She swept Flora into a hug that was long. Not too many chances left for this, before Flora’s transport left.

A good hug was what she had needed. And confirmation; yes, she would be missed. “Don’t be silly, I wouldn’t forget you lot. Especially you Teagan. Thank you. I’m who I am, partly because I had a lovely, excellent, wonderful doctor who egged me on to get my own MD.” She admitted with a slight sniffle. Only a small one. “And an amazing friend who dances with me…..” She squeezed the other woman tightly and then took half a step back. “One more waltz, for the road? And you’d better come and visit….I’ll find the lot of ye if you don’t.” she added, with a smile.

“Well.. and they sent me confirmation on your replacement today too. I’ll whisper it, and you can’t tell anyone who it’s going to be! Until you are back with us, or move on to bigger and better things.” She leaned forward and whispered the name into Flora’s ear, then burst into giggles at the expression that crossed her friends face.

“Oh Dear. Oh dear oh dear. I take it their spouse is also going to be present? Hide….everything?” Flora burst out into giggles as well. “Oh you’re going to have to tell me tales…..I’ll comm you about every week?”

She shook her head and chuckled. The ‘Tem was in safe hands. She knew that.

“Computer, a waltz please. Half volume.”

Ceja laughed. She took a step backwards, and bowed. “May I have this dance?” she asked. “Just like the days when you and I were in sickbay. Allow me to dance you to your transport?”

Flora snickered. “That’d shock …..nobody, I suspect.” She bowed back and took Ceja’s hand “M’lady, if thy would?”

With a giggle that was once heard around sickbay so often that nobody took it seriously, Teagan swept Flora into a waltz they’d perfected years ago. She steered them around the room in a large circle.

“We could easily tell the computer to literally play this all the way, you know.” she observed. “But that depends on whether you want to laugh your way there or not.”

“Lets go out in style. Computer, play waltz right the way down to the shuttle bay.” Flora ordered. “And don’t let anyone override it bar the Captain, Ceja or me.” she added with a chuckle “Just think we’ll both have to break in new dance partners.”

“Which isn’t going to be fun. Do you know how hard it is to find doctors who will dance in sickbay?” Ceja demanded, angling them towards the door. She moved Flora into a deep dip, to snag her bags, and then through the door itself into the corridor.

Still holding a bag and a bug carrier, Flora danced along the corridor, recklessly assuming everyone would move out of their way. “I’ll train up a few and send ‘em your way?” she offered. “I’m assuming you’ll be visiting.” she added, sternly, twirling Ceja around a bit.

“Like I would miss visiting a hospital like that? I loved Sector General. Any idea what they’re calling this one?” Ceja dodged them around a bemused ensign, past a handful of laughing nurses who waved at them, and into the turbo lift.

“No clue but I’m calling it Sector General Starfleet Edition.” Flora answered as the door closed. She dipped Teagan and Hazeline grinned, pulling her up and stood on her tiptoes, giving Ceja a quick peck on the nose instead of a rose. After all, she didn’t have a rose. And she couldn’t reach any higher. “And I’m hoping to get Arnet in occasionally for some of his speciality knowledge. And you for yours. And I want to see if we can duplicate their tape system and …. “ The door opened again, into the shuttle bay. “Yeah, I’m dreaming.” She admitted with a huge smile. “We have opportunities. We can do some real good research.” She glanced at the shuttle as they danced out, as she asked the other woman to look in on Holt for her. Assenting, she was steered expertly by Ceja, as a few of the engineers dodged out of the way with a chuckle, and left via shuttle, a little happy and a little sad and a lot excited to the massive hospital base.


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