USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C
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Personal Log after the events of Ebb and Flow.

Posted on Thu Feb 25th, 2021 @ 9:10pm by Lieutenant JG Garaht

Mission: Personal Logs
Location: Aboard the Potemkin
Timeline: Stardate: 73977.2

LtJG Garaht recording.

“Computer replay sensor scans from Galen IV.”

“Replaying sensor scans” came the quiet reply.

Lost in thought of how fragile his organic crewmates are, Garaht studied what he recorded. How could sound be used as a weapon to harm?

“Computer. Analyze the scans and compare to Starfleet records for any occurrence of what happened.”

“Analyzing. Historical records show that several pre Starfleet countries on old Terra were experimenting with sonic weapons. The frequencies were found to cause several different effects on organic life.” Came the cold reply.


“Headaches, muscle and body aches, disorientation or confusion, bleeding from nose, ears, eyes…”

“Pause analysis. What is that woman attempting to do to people? Do not answer that question.”

Garaht became even more concerned with what had happened on the planet. “Computer, continue analysis.”

“Continuing. Prolonged exposure can cause the bones to lose calcium, muscles to weaken, hearing damage and loss. Subsonic frequencies can cause organics to hallucinate, thinking they are hearing voices.” Garaht stopped moving, “Did the sonics affect me as I’m not organic as my crewmates are?”

“Sonics have been used to damage or even destroy buildings. High frequency, high amplitude sound has been proven to shatter glass. You are a silicon based life, glass is silicon based. You could have been affected. Recommend going to sickbay for a medical. I can contact Dr. Ceja for you if you are concerned.” The computer replied in a matter of fact tone.

“No I’m not concerned about my health. I have lived and will continue to live. I am young yet. Who knows, I might become the Mother of Memory for the next generation.”

“Computer end analysis of sensor scans. I have to think about some of the things that happened and what I can do to prevent a repeat. Prepare a summary of all encounters between the crew of the Potemkin and Tamarra James.”

End Log.


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