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Posted on Sun Jan 9th, 2022 @ 8:39pm by Ensign Rosa DeLaCruz Ms.
Edited on Sun Jan 9th, 2022 @ 8:53pm

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Rosa crept through her front door into the pitch black living room trying her best to not to disturb her sleeping mother....or so she thought. *flick!* A ceiling light fully illuminates the room revealing Rosa's mother standing against the entrance to the hallway, her finger on the light switch and her face holding an expression of contempt, "¿Dónde estabas? (Where were you?" her mother asks with a tone that said she knew exactly where her daughter had been. The light didn't only reveal her mother but also Rosa's condition: dried blood on her hoodie and her knuckles, neither were hers. "Don't worry about where I was. I'm an adult eh? Get out of my way" Rosa replied back trying to get into the hallway but her mother doesn't budge. "Rosa it's not about where you were or how late you've been out! It's what you're doing out there and after Raymond I know too well what that is!"

"Mira (look) I don't need a lecture from you! Now get out of my way and drink yourself back to slee...." *smack!*. Rosa's mother struck quick with an open palm slap across the face before Rosa could finish her disrespectful remark. "If only your abuelo (grandfather) could see you now he'd....", "Y que mama? (and what mom?) he'd be disappointed?" Rosa asked and then continued "you disappointed him first running off and marrying a thug who left you with two kids. Psh, real golden child eh mama?"

Rosa's mother held back tears as she forced out her next words through a choking cry "I want you out of my're lost mija (daughter) you need direction", Rosa looked back stoically but internally was worried where this was going, her mother continues. "I've been talking to Mr. Jameson down at Starfleet Academy....". Rosa sighed and rolled her eyes. "You're joining Starfleet" her mother finished. Rosa didn't respond but forced herself passed her mother and into the hallway, storming into her room, and slamming the door.


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Tags: Earth, Ensign, Rosa

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