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Memories (After the events of Troubled Waters)

Posted on Thu May 13th, 2021 @ 11:37pm by Lieutenant JG Garaht

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Stardate: 74245.7 (March 31, 2397, Time: 16:19:55)

Having mentioned the original Enterprise while on the Bridge of the Potemkin brought back memories of my time in Star Fleet. I remember the Enterprise being at Janus VI when I hatched. I wanted to see this strange thing that moved through space. What was space to a Horta, but somewhere there was no rock.

I had tunneled to the surface of Janus VI and sealed the hole behind myself. I looked up and away from the surface to try and find this Enterprise. No luck as I didn't really have eyes to see with.

I headed back down to the level where the mines lived and looked around for some way to let them know what I wanted. Chief Vanderberg waved me over to his desk and had the computer interpret my actions. I wanted to see the stars and go into space. He made the call and I was taken aboard. Commander Spock met me at the Transporter room and guided me to crew quarters. My brother, Naraht had beamed up with several others, and we all agreed to form a new clan of Horta; The Star Clan. We would be the first of our race to go to space.

We arrived at Starbase 7 about a week later. The Starbase was massive compared to the Enterprise. So much room to explore, but we were told to stay together as we would be leaving on an other starship for Earth. The USS Potemkin (NCC-1657) arrived to take us to Earth.

The group of us spent several years adapting to a planet where we weren't allowed to tunnel; where had to follow the same rules as the other cadets and to watch out for each other. We decided that Sareshia would be our Mother of Memory so what we learned could be passed on to others who would come next.

I entered the Academy in the Sciences field. Naraht went into Security and the others entered other field. Sareshia went into Medical so Star Fleet would have a Doctor who really understood our physiology.

After my time in Star Fleet Academy, I shipped out aboard the Science Vessel Regulus. I aided in the geological surveys of several worlds having no issues with anything other than hard vacuum. I grew tired of the same routine and asked for a transfer to Security. My brother Naraht told the strangest tales of what happens to organic lifeforms when they imbibe alcohol.

I was granted my request with a return to the rank of Ensign. I never could keep my rank above Lieutenant as I found the responsibilities to be to much of a bore. I agreed with Command that I try not to damage any ship that I served upon with out the Captain's permission.

I had served on so many different vessels that I can't remember them all. This Potemkin is the best one of the two that I have been on as the crew is lively and accepting. I still find organics to be strange and hard to understand, but interesting to be around.

End Log


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