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Brief Update on the History of the Tserran Empire

Posted on Fri Aug 14th, 2020 @ 2:04am by Lieutenant Commander Reven Rayus

Brief Update on the History of the Tserran Empire

2385: The Republic of Tserra, the then representative of the Tserran people decided not to accept an invitation to join the United Federation of Planets, after several threats of secession from various Tserran colony worlds. The Federation and the Republic would continue to enjoy warm relations, and even an alliance.

2386: Despite many attempts at appeasement, three Tserran colonies declared independence over the relations with the Federation. The colonies of Qatra, Gafen, and Debash declared the short lived Tserran Federation.

2387: Unwilling to simply let its colonies go their own way, the government on Tserra sought to forcibly bring its wayward colonies back into the fold. A short clash occurred between the TDF and local militia forces on the colony of Qatra. The orbital battle lasted the better part of a day, while resistance on the ground continued for nearly two weeks. At which point the local government of Qatra capitulated.

Minor skirmishes would occur between the TDF, and the two remaining errant colonies for nearly a year.

2388: In early 2388, the colonies of Debash, and Gafen capitulated. Unwilling to stomach the bloodshed. Unofficial hostilities would continue until 2395.

2390: Several ancient starships buried on Tserra were discovered. Research had been conducted on them by both the TDF, and its Starfleet allies. During an accident aboard one of these starships cryostasis units began to fail, releasing the crews aboard all of the discovered starships. The Annuna (Drexan) newly awakened, left Tserra aboard these starships and began the process of recreating their empire.

2391: While attempting negotiations with Ser of Wotal, Napach, the Melech of Tserra was killed by forces loyal to Rin of Wotal. Along with her was the Tserran Minister of State, and the TDF flagship Azrael, with all hands.

Energized by this attack, Tserra threw its lot in with Ser, and fought a war alongside the Federation to bring down Rin’s regime.

2392: A brief skirmish between TDF, and Annunan (Drexan) forces occurred when a small fleet entered the orbit of Tserra, in an attempt to retrieve ancient bio-weapon samples left behind by the Annuna. No further hostilities came of this, though it did succeed in weakening the support of the Republic from its various colonies.

2394: Despite the distractions of the Wotal Civil War, secessionist fever never really abated in Tserran space. The majority of Tserran colonies reminded the homeworld, and its government that they were as sovereign as it was, and they owed it no more allegiance than they did each other. Legally speaking this was true. The government of the Republic of Tserra was the De Facto government of the Tserran state, and not the De Jure one. Prior to the Fioran Wars there existed an Imperial government which all Tserran colonies swore fealty to.

Many Tserran colonies wished to reconstitute this Empire.

2395: So as to avoid a full blown civil war, the Republic of Tserra agreed to reconstitute the Empire of Nechash in its original capitol within the city of Armon on the colony of Kitoiba.

Debate would rage for nearly a full year as to who exactly would hold the throne. Since the original Imperial family had presumably been wiped out, the son of the late Melech Napach, a man named Yarok Evyn would be installed on the throne.

A large plurality of Tserran citizens were thoroughly unhappy with this, many feeling as though they got no say in it. While many others felt that Yarok Evyn would simply be a pawn of the government of the Republic on Tserra. The TDF command tried to put forward an alternate candidate whom they said had irrefutable genetic proof that they were the multi-great grand-daughter of the last recognized Emperor.

This was promptly ignored by both the Republican Government, and the Pretender Yarok Evyn.

2396: On the morning of January the 13th, 2396, the TDF 2nd Fleet under the Command of Major Netz Rayus, entered orbit of Kitoiba, and demanded the capitulation of the 16th Fleet, stationed in orbit. The 16th complied without a shot fired.

Roughly an hour later dropships of the TDF 6th Marine Legion, once again under the command of then Major Netz Rayus, began landing at various strategic locations around the city of Armon, and the neighboring KCD Fleet Yard. The 6th demanded the surrender of local security forces. Most complied, however battle raged for roughly an hour between the 6th, and the 45th Guard Corps at the KCD Fleet Yards, before the 45th finally surrendered.

Simultaneously the 6ths Second Cohort, personally under the command of Major Netz Rayus stormed the Royal Palace, Evyn’s personal guard put up stiff resistance, but were eventually overwhelmed. Yarok Evyn was captured and brought before Major Rayus, at which point they engaged in personal combat. Netz Rayus emerged victorious. She then declared herself Empress of the Empire of Nechash (Tserran Empire).

Evidence was then transmitted proving that she was the legitimate heir to the previous Emperor. TDF Command which was based out of the KCD Fleet Yards quickly swore fealty to her. Over the next month the majority of Tserran colonies would do the same. The only real hold out was the Republican government of the homeworld, however on the morning of the 12th of March, 2396, they too would capitulate and swear fealty to the new Empress.

As of May, 27, 2396, the Tserran Empire is stable, the Empress Netz Rayus prefers to let the Homeworld, and the various colonies largely govern themselves, with only her occasional intervention.


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