USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Duty Log - 5/16/2396

Posted on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 @ 4:39pm by Lieutenant Colonel Katom Sooranya

From: Lieutenant Colonel Katom Sooranya, TDF, Uss Potemkin
Subject: Report of Death - May 16th, 2396
To: Fleet Captain James Mitchell, Starfleet, Uss Potemkin
Office of the Quartermaster General, KCD, Kitoiba

Full Name: Evyn Afor
Date of Birth: September, 7th, 2305
Home Address: House Number 462, 15th Street, Azada City, Qatan Colony, Tserran Empire
Sex: Male
Date of Enlistment: August, 21st, 2387
Serial Number: 35,022,616
Rank and Organization: Lance Corporal, 2nd Cohort, 6th Legion - Detached
Arm of Service: Weapon Specialist, Tserran Defense Force Marine Corps
Place of Death: Uss Potemkin, Former Romulan Space
Cause of Death: Penetrating gunshot wound to the head

After-Action Report: Corporal Afor reported for duty on the 16th of May under orders to cover an assumed prisoner trade between the Uss Potemkin, and the Tserran Privateer Vessel (TPV) Balel. During the transfer, the unknown subject, presumed to be Kara Letz opened fire on her primary target Reven Rayus, who himself was hit twice, but lived. After the primary target had fallen, she continued to fire down the docking gangway. The majority of these bullets went wild, and struck nothing. One however found its mark in Corporal Afor.

The 9mm silver slug entered beneath the lip of Afor’s helmet, just above his right eyebrow, and exited towards the top backside of his neck. Lifesaving efforts by medical staff of Uss Potemkin had no effect. His death is presumed to be instant.

He is survived by a wife, and two children. He enjoyed painting, was known to be a fantastic seamster, loved spicy food, and collected hot-sauces from various different planets and cultures.