USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Deck Listing

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Deck Alpha

Weapons Module hardware, Emergency Transporters.

Deck Beta

Includes VIP/Ambassadorial quarters and Holodecks.

Deck Gamma

Conference rooms, Diplomatic Facilities, Subspace Transceiver.

Deck Delta

Location of Stellar Cartography, Hydroponics, and Botanical Storage.

Deck 01

Upper Main Bridge Module. Location of the Main Bridge.

Deck 02

Bridge support hardware and offices.

Deck 03

Site of Science Labs, Lower Stellar Cartography, Arboretum, and other facilities.

Deck 04

Location of Sickbay and associated medical labs and offices.

Deck 05

Includes Senior Officers quarters and Security offices.

Deck 06

Junior Officers quarters and Impulse Engine Control may be found here.

Deck 07

Home to the Ship's Galley, the Mess Hall, and other facilities.

Deck 08

Site of the October Lounge, the Gymnasium, and various Holodecks.

Deck 09

Includes Primary Computer Core access, Deuterium Storage.

Deck 10

Home of Main Engineering and all associated offices and labs.

Deck 11

Supplemental Engineering hardware and facilities.

Deck 12

Site of Cargo Bay 1 and IDF/SIF Generators.

Deck 13

Location of Cargo Bay 2 and Configurable Cargo Storage areas.

Deck 14

Home to the Forward Landing Strut housing and the Secondary Deflector.

Deck 15

Location of Port and Starboard Landing Struts.