USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Lieutenant Colonel Katom Sooranya

Name Katom Sooranya

Position TDF Liaison Officer

Second Position TDF Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Colonel


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tserran
Age 595

Physical Appearance

Height 1.6m
Weight 63kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Physical Description Soori is in generally good health, and shape, though a tad on the pudgy side due to a tendency to over indulge while eating. His hair is kept relatively short, usually about ear length, and shaggy. He can often be found with stubble on his face and chin, though he at least tries to keep himself clean shaven.

His right eye is artificial, and though he does not to do so, he usually keep it covered with an eye patch.


Spouse Jayla Rollands
Children Li'or Sooranya
Father Ri'shon Sooranya
Mother Su'tah Sooranya
Sister(s) Tik'va Sooranya

Personality & Traits

General Overview Soori can generally be described as irreverant. He like most Tserrans tends to make light of serious matters, and prefers to joke, and be merry, even in serious situations. Though not nearly to the degree of his friend Reven Rayus. He is a prankster at heart, taking great joy in intentionally mis-remembering peoples names, or showing up to work in costume for example.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Soori has a keen strategic mind, and a solid grasp of tactics in relation to both ground, and space warfare. Has a good grasp of three dimensional space. Can work out advanced firing solutions in his head, and is known to be rather accurate when doing so. Makes a mean muffin.

Ambitions Would like to be the Melech of the Tserran homeworld, has mostly given up on this goal, but he has not abandoned it completely.
Hobbies & Interests Absolutely loves baking, and once owned a bakery. Enjoys collecting stuffed animals, and has quite a collection back home in his apartment in Esh city, though he has not returned to that residence in quite a number of years. Enjoys pranking and irritating his crewmates. Loves making people rage.


Soori spent the first few years of his live in Esh City, living with his mother in their small apartment. Soori never met his father, or if he did he was too young to remember him. His father was a marine, and died on Kitoiba in the Fioran Wars. When Soori was six, his older sister who was fourteen at the time was admitted to a monastery, and left home.

At eight years old, his mother came down with a bad case of pneumonia, and died not long after. With no other family, Soori was sent to live with his sister in the monastery outside of Esh City. While there, he was put to work in the kitchen, and some of the brothers began teaching him martial arts.


At the age of fourteen, Soori was conscripted as a militiamen into the service of the local lord. After a year, his obligation was considered fulfilled. Enjoying the life of a soldier, he enrolled in the Tserran Defense Force Military Academy.

At the age of twenty he graduated, and enlisted with the Marines as an Infantrymen. He was assigned to the 1st Cohort, 6th Marine Legion with the rank of Corporal. It was here that he met Reven Rayus, and formed a friendship with him.


He continued serving in the 6th for many years after. Eventually he was promoted to Major, and assigned as the commander of the Marine detachment aboard the Tserran Flagship Azrael, under the command of his friend Reven Rayus. Ten years later he was promoted to Legionary General, skipping the Colonelship altogether. At which point he served as the first officer aboard Azrael. Nominally he was still a Marine, but in reality he was a fleet man at this point.

When Reven Rayus resigned his commission, Soori was given command of the Azrael. In 2385, he was promoted to Major General, and given command of the TDF 2nd Fleet. In 2391, the Wotal War broke out, the Azrael was destroyed in the opening battle, while he was off ship, and aboard the Potemkin. In short order, he moved his flag to the new Battleship Afe'la, which he would command for the duration of the war.

After the war, he moved his flag to the Light Cruiser Sapiyr.

In 2392, he was demoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, due to the events at the secret TDF military facility Black 6. He retained formal command of the Sapiyr, though the ships second officer acts as commander for all intents and purposes, as he was also assigned to the Uss Potemkin, as a Liaison Officer, where he has served ever since.

During his time on the Potemkin, he married Jayla Rollands, and they have started a family together.
Service Record TDF Serial Number: 16,287,06

Current Post: Uss Potemkin
(TDV Sapiyr)
Current Position: TDF Liaison Officer
(Commanding Officer, TDV Sapiyr)

Previous Assignments:

TDV Afe'la, Commanding Officer
TDV Azrael, Commanding Officer
TDV Azrael, Marine Detachment Commander
1st Cohort, 6th Marine Legion, Commanding Officer
1st Cohort, 6th Marine Legion, Marine Infantry


Sapphire Star Medal (For heroic service during the final sweep of Armon on Kitoiba.)
Ruby Star Medal with three pips (Wounded in action, a pip is added for each subsequent wound)
Marine Expeditionary Medal
Marine Corps Service Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon

Reprimands: None