USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Captain Thomas (Tom) Arnet

Name Thomas (Tom) Anthony Arnet

Position Former Executive Officer

Rank Captain

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel


Father Lt. Com. William L. Arnet-Missing in Action*
Mother Lt. Annette C. Arnet-Missing in Action*
Brother(s) Tyler G. Arnet-deceased
Other Family Lloyd Jargon- Maternal Uncle- Oregon, Earth

Personality & Traits

General Overview *Both parents missing in action, presumably assimilated by the Borg during the battle of Wolf 359

Nickname: The Bloody Doctor

Personal History Although born in a small village in Sussex, England, Earth, Arnet grew up mostly in Sumpter, Oregon, Earth, where his mother's family had lived for generations. He attended a nearby elementary school, junior high, and high school along with one brother, Tyler. Unfortunately, he showed no enthusiasm for his education, and even less for a possible career in Starfleet. This was much to the disappointment to his parents, both of whom were Starfleet officers and have done exceptionally well in school. Tom was, by nature, an isolated boy and acted distant to most people, but especially to his own parents. During his junior high years he opted to stay with his maternal uncle Lloyd and brother instead of traveling on a starship with his parents.

The decision, later lamented, turned out to save his life. His two parents were engaged in the battle of Wolf 359 and were presumably assimilated by the Borg. The loss of both parents hit him especially hard, causing him to withdraw even more from most people. He through himself into his studies to avoid dwelling on it. His brother was unable to reach him in this state of despair, and died from falling from a horse shortly after. This drove the already isolated Tom into more intense studying, sharply pulling up his grades, but leading to a mass of psychological problems. His uncle and teachers found him pouring over any data available on the Borg and it was during this time that, at their insistence, he began seeing the first of many counselors.

Tom's mental health improved, but only slightly. His intensive studies managed to let him graduate with in the top 10 of his high school class. In a surprise to all, he then applied to the Academy, and luckily got in despite the fact he reacted poorly on the psychological evaluation. During his time in the Academy he was unexceptional. He chose to concentrate on biology, humanoid anatomy, physiology, and medicine - mainly because of his interest in Borg assimilation processes. - During his senior year he came in second in an Academy wide chess championship. He lost the final game to a Vulcan cadet who managed checkmate in 5 moves. According to Arnet, it was the only competition he ever came close to winning.

After graduation, he returned to Oregon for a short time, and then went on to be assigned to the USS Potemkin as an Assistant Medical Officer. He served well under Captain Back and later Captain Mitchell and even became Chief Medical Officer after Lieutenant Ann Franklin left the ship. The Potemkin became the home he always wanted and he formed fast friendships and even a serious relationship ship with fellow crewman Andrea O'Donnell.

All went well until SD 10206.20 when he seemingly went insane for no apparent reason and hijacked the Potemkin. After being subdued, he was sent back to Earth for treatment. It was later revealed that his alternate self from another dimension he once visited had drove him insane as part of an intricate plot for revenge.

After two years of intense therapy, he finally regained a loose form of sanity. An intercession of Andrea O'Donnell and Captain Mitchell resulted in a competency hearing after which he was reinstated. However, the road back was difficult and it was some time before he became like the person he was before his breakdown.

During his time back he was temporarily stranded on Zeta Sigma III after sacrificing his health to save the crews of several stranded ships, including his own. There he developed a close relationship with Danielle Beorning. He also began perfecting his research into halting Borg assimilation techniques and reverse engineering nanoprobes for constructive uses. At the same time, O'Donnell transferred off the Potemkin died tragically in a accident. She later returned to life under unusual circumstances, but left the ship abruptly, leaving Arnet devastated.

Arnet served for years as Chief Medical Officer and twice was commended for going above and beyond duty by negotiating (with the Young Ones and the Gorn, respectively) on behalf of the Potemkin.

Over the years he watched as friends such as Prax and Bom move on to other positions. After the debacle of a fake officer posing as XO, Warp asked Arnet to serve in the position. Considering himself unsuited for the job, he nevertheless accepted out of loyalty to Warp.

In recent years his mercurial temper has mellowed out somewhat. He is widely regarded as a knowledgable doctor, skillful surgeon, and loyal (if a bit hot-headed) subordinate and friend.



Cadet Arnet is a massively complex individual, requiring much attention his sophomore year, but has progressed much in his four years at the Academy. He has shown signs of high intelligence, as evidence in his chess career), but rarely puts forth much extra effort unless it's extremely important to him. This is not to suggest that he is not a model cadet; he has proven himself on many occasions competent enough. However,in cases of extreme stress, physiological or psychological, real signs of neurosis present itself. Such a case was the psychological evaluation to enter the Academy when he was confronted with a Borg infested ship. Mixed emotions of anger, frustration, and fear caused a small mental breakdown, but he was able to pull himself together to successfully complete the test.

He is obsessed with the Borg, owing to his own parents assumed assimilation. His teachers have commented frequently on his constant pouring over materials on Borg nanotechnology and history. It may be this obsession that drove him to a career in Starfleet, perhaps to find a way to stop Borg nanotechnology or to find an easy way of de-assimilation. To do so he needed a clear insight into anatomy and physiology, which in turn led him into a career in medicine. He has hinted that he has begun to put such plans in motion. However, it should be noted, his emotions towards the Borg is almost nothing but anger and may lead to radical acts of violence if a confrontation takes place.

Dr. Arnet, though he is a fine physician and capable of creating near-miracles in sickbay, is probably one of the best examples of a patient with extreme psychosis (and more than one). Given his past with psychiatrists, psychologists and the like, his utter distrust and disdain is justified, but this hinders his mental progress. He is closed-off, closed-minded, stubborn to a fault, at time paranoid, delusional, and unstable. He can be a danger to others at times, and for the most part, is a danger to himself. He lives in the past mostly, barely scratching the surface of what is happening in the present.

Progress in treating him is slow. Our sessions have been two steps forward and then one step back. Sometimes the converse is true as well. He is not comfortable with me nor does he trust me...or any shrink for that matter...Clinical settings are not ideal for his treatment, so we have moved to a more informal setting. That seems to be helping, if only a little. - See Counseling File 173 for full evaluation...
Service Record
  • Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade on Star Date 10111.01
  • Promoted to Lieutenant on Stardate 10112.13
  • Promoted to First Lieutenant on Stardate 10203.21
  • Assigned as Chief Medical Officer on Stardate: 10205.02
  • Loses sanity and hijacks USS Potemkin on Stardate: 10206.20
  • Commission resigned and sent on USS Dublin to Earth from psychiatric treatment on Stardate: 10207.01
  • Returned to active duty and assigned again to the USS Potemkin on Stardate 10409.09
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander on Stardate 58189.8
  • Promoted to Commander between Stardates 59286.1 and 59337.4