USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Captain Bom Mobom

Name Bom Mobom

Position Former Executive Officer

Rank Captain

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 38

Physical Appearance


Father Bom Mot
Mother Oos Bom

Personality & Traits

Personal History
  • Personnel File: 8263856.1978 – attached

  • Medical File: 6294024.0173 – attached

  • Psych Profile: 9278309.2724 – attached

  • Stardate of Birth: 08101.27

    From Academy Personnel File:

    Though a full-blooded Bolian, Cadet Bom might more properly be called a Martian. Born at the Starfleet Medical Facility at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars, Sol system, Bom was one of just three newborns the entire year, along with one human child and one starship – the Nebula class U.S.S. Tennessee, commissioned that same year. His mother, Oos Bom, was originally recruited for the Galaxy Class Starship Development Project to perfect propulsion systems on both the prototype U.S.S. Galaxy and her sister ship, the U.S.S. Yamato. Oos previously held the Obro Chair in Quantum Mechanics at the prestigious Vadosia University on Bolarus IX. She continues to work as a civilian member the Utopia Planitia Warp Propulsion Laboratory (WPL) team.

    Bom’s father, Bom Mot, accompanied his wife to Mars and soon enlisted with Starfleet. He is currently a non-commissioned officer involved in the administration of the Utopia Planitia Orbital Station.

    Bom Mobom spent his formative years in Starfleet schools on Mars and underfoot in the laboratories and shipyards of Utopia Planitia. There were more scientists than children at the facility, but its ethnically diverse and intellectually gifted staff provided a rich and intriguing world for young Bom to explore. When he wasn’t crawling through Jefferies Tubes or stealing tricorders, Bom could be found playing Mars Colony Little League Baseball for the Martok’s Bar Marauders.

    Bom was accepted into Starfleet Academy upon graduation from grade school. A brief runabout ride from his Martian home, the proximity of the San Francisco academy allowed him to visit his parents frequently, and he maintains a close relationship with them to this day. At Starfleet Academy, Bom surprised no one by excelling in his engineering classes, receiving additional help and tutoring from his mother and her WPL colleagues back on Mars. His senior thesis, A Theory of Coincidence, drew attention in scientific circles to the possibility of predicting and limiting random events. Bom also found time to become a stand-out third-baseman for the Academy Baseball team, the Red Shirts.

    From Academy Medical File:

    Bom is in good physical condition for a Bolian of his age. Like many Bolians, he is somewhat stout – but he remains athletic enough to pass Starfleet physical requirements and hit thirty home runs a season for our beloved Reds. Despite a bout with Horomb Pox, a common ailment among Bolian children, Bom has had a rather unremarkable medical history. A hard sliding tackle into a Klingon catcher during the College Worlds Series of 2366 left him with a fabricated titanium collarbone, but otherwise, to put it in engineering terms, he’s still running on original factory parts.

    [filed by Doctor Argala Terwhil]

    From Academy Psych Profile:

    Cadet Bom is an affable young man who makes friends easily. Whether due to his genial Bolian nature or his relatively comfortable upbringing, Bom is naturally positive and morally centered. If there is any drawback to his joviality, it is perhaps that he has yet to have his emotions seriously challenged. As a case in point, Bom remained disconsolate for days and sought my counselor’s sofa more than once after failing the Kobayashi Maru scenario. In time, his unfailingly upbeat attitude returned, but subsequent interviews revealed he may still be harboring doubts about his optimistic world view. As an engineer, Bom believes that there is a solution to every problem – and in the world of engineering, he is often right. What he has yet to learn is that there is a great difference between warp drives and hearts of men.

    [filed by Counselor John Yates]

    From Outgoing Academy Cadet Review:

    Though not the Academy’s best all-around student by any stretch of the imagination, Bom was the faculty’s unanimous choice for the Charles Tucker III Engineering Award for outgoing seniors. Bom is a social creature who enjoys the company of any and all races, a young man who is equally comfortable playing a pick-up game of dom-jot with friends at the Academy cantina or discussing warp theory with his professors after class. His maturity and scholarship are unquestionable, as are his baseball skills. Upon graduation, Bom was reportedly ready to accept a lucrative offer to play third base for an intergalactic barnstorming team called the Deep Space Nine. Thankfully, his engineering professors were able to convince him that he could contribute much more to the universe as a Starfleet engineer. It is a sentiment that I whole-heartedly share.

    [filed by Admiral Wendi Winters]

    [end file]