USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Captain Prax Jarvin

Name Prax Zeddar Jarvin

Position Former Executive Officer

Rank Captain

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.94m
Weight 99.7Kg
Hair Color Black, no hair at present
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Distinguishing Marks: Van Dyke-style beard, scar over left eye, several scars on back


Spouse Fianceé: Allayah Shayna Arkin, Arkian Honorary Senior Officer, USS Potemkin. Missing In Action - Presumed Lost.
Ex-Wife: Kalie Corin: deceased.
Children Daughter: Kalie Nerys, deceased.
Father Zeddar Giman: deceased.
Mother Zeddar Saffo: deceased.
Brother(s) Zeddar Jassan (Anyare): Bajoran Ambassador to Qo’nos. Age: 30.
Sister(s) Zeddar Galis: deceased.
Other Family Pet: Samwise, male canine, Golden Retriever. Currently resides on the Potemkin. Age: 5.

Personality & Traits


Jarvin is a skilled warrior, trained in guerilla tactics. He is proficient in many forms of physical combat, as well as with phasers and projectile weapons. He is short-tempered and quick to action. Sometimes he is considered rash. Prax is often considered one of the best engineers currently serving the Potemkin, despite having not set foot in engineering in almost five years. He is also a decent cook and an expert on Andorian Ale.

Aliases: Zeddar Jarvin (Bajor), 19 of 36 (Borg Collective)
Hobbies & Interests His interests include music, acting and reading.

Personal History
  • File Last Updated: 60953.4
  • StarFleet ID: 843-1386F
  • Birthdate: 27142.3 (February 21, 2350; Terran Calendar)
  • Birthplace: Jolathur, Trilar Peninsula, Rakantha Province, Bajor

    2350 - 2368

    Zeddar Jarvin was the eldest child born to Zeddar Giman and Saffo, two farmers in the small farming community of Jolathur. Though Bajor was occupied during this period, the Cardassians allowed the citizens of Jolathur to go about their lives in exchange for all but a tenth of the food produced from each farmer. While many Bajorans at the time would have called them sympathizers, the families of Jolathur were only concerned about the well being of their children. Jarvin was born at the end of harvest season in 2350. Jassan, Jarvin’s brother was born three years later. By the age of seven, Jarvin was helping out as best he could around the farm and house. Saffo, a part-time teacher before, and during the early days of, the Occupation, tried to teach her sons as best she could. Despite their limited resources, the Zeddar family were able to get their hands on books and materials necessary for education.

    By age 13, Jarvin had taken an active role in the farm, helping his father during the harvest and often bringing the reserves to town to sell or making deliveries to the Cardassians. During the harvest season, Saffo gave birth to Galis. On his 14th birthday, Jarvin was allowed to go camping in the woods by himself. It was part of a regional coming-of-ritual that had all but been abandoned since the Occupation. When Jarvin returned home, things would be much different.

    While the Zeddar family’s harvest and been bountiful, many other farms in the area had suffered from poor irrigation and a dry summer. Disappointed with the farmers, the Cardassians believed a show of force would teach the farmers to meet their quotas. Jarvin returned home to see the fields of the family farm aflame. The Cardassians has burned down the farm when Giman refused to give up his share of the crops. In his anger, Giman attacked one of the soldiers. Two of the other soldiers shot and killed Giman on the spot. In her sorrow and fear, Saffo, with Galis and Jassan in hand, ran out the back door of the house. One of the Cardassians saw her and began shooting. Saffo was killed by the blast, a second blast lanced the year and half old Galis. Another blast caught Jassan in the leg and knocked him into the flaming fields. Jarvin saw none of this but came home to find his family murdered. While there was no sign of his brother, Jarvin had no recourse but to assume him dead. The next days were filled with mourning for Jarvin as he had the harrowing task of burying his family. After several weeks of living alone and subsisting on fruit and bread, Jarvin ventured out of the ruins of his home with the intention on making the Cardassians pay.

    Months later, Jarvin encountered a small group of Bajorans who were leaving the peninsula to join up with a proper resistance cell. They called themselves the Fellowship Faction and they taught Jarvin all he needed to know about the art of killing. For three years, Jarvin journeyed and fought with the Faction. While he was serving with them, the Faction had been supplied with information that the villagers of Kajem were collaborating with the enemy. Faction leaders organized an attack on the village in order to teach other collaborators a lesson. Many had misgivings about killing their own, but a passionate argument was made that they must. Five days later, the plan was put into action. During the battle, Jarvin was attacked by a boy his own age. The boy cut a deep case above Jarvin’s eye. In his surprise, Jarvin stabbed the boy with his own knife. Realizing what he did, Jarvin tried to revive the boy. As the died the boy revealed that his name was Prax Muirin. Consumed with grief for killing such a young boy, Jarvin resolved that the boy would live on in all of Jarvin’s actions. From that moment on Jarvin took the name Prax, forsaking his familial name. After the battle, Jarvin buried the remains of Muirin, inscribing the name Zeddar on the gravestone. Following the attack on Kajem, Jarvin quit the Faction and journeyed north to the Kendra province. Prax Jarvin was 17.

    In Kendra, he met a young girl of no more than 11 years of age. Her name was Kalie Corin and she was fellow resistance fighter. They developed a bond for each other over the ensuing two years and soon Jarvin started calling Corin his "little sister." They were close, often talking well into the morning. He felt an affection towards the girl, one he was too embarrassed to discuss because of their significant age difference.

    2369 - 2377

    The Occupation ended in 2369, not long after Jarvin’s 19th birthday. Benjamin Sisko, the new Commanding Officer of Deep Space Nine, chose 20 promising candidates from Bajor to be enrolled in the StarFleet Academy. Jarvin had won his spot by writing a very personal letter to the Emissary. Only six months after the Occupation, Jarvin was in the Academy. While his tenure there was uneventful, he did meet and befriend his fellow engineering specialist Gareth Tyler. They were randomly assigned as roommates but quickly bonded. They remained roommates all four years of the Academy. The two were very close, trading customs and traveling together on breaks. Gareth and Jarvin are close friends to this day. It was during this time that Jarvin began to accept the use of Prax. Gareth often called him this during off hours and Jarvin grudgingly accepted it the use of it. It became commonly assumed across campus that this was his first name. A persistent joke was that the Admiral would call him Mr. Jarvin at graduation.

    Upon graduation, Prax was assigned to the USS Tecumseh as an assistant engineer. He served there for about three months before the Borg Incursion of Sector 001 in 2373. Several Borg drones beamed into the Tecumseh’s engineering section and assimilated over 30 crew members, Prax was one those unlucky ones. Prax was beamed to an assimilated Federation vessel to work on repairs. After the destruction of the main Borg vessel, the ship Prax was aboard set course for the Delta Quadrant at maximum warp. It met little resistance. For three years, Jarvin was a member collective. While his memory of this time is fuzzy, he is aware of being in the Delta Quadrant for much of the time. The Cube he was eventually assigned to happened upon the USS Budapest while exploring Beta Quadrant worlds. Prax was beamed aboard and began to assimilate members of the crew. One officer saw the remains of a StarFleet Communicator on Prax's chest and, taking pity on him, stunned Prax. Working over video link with specialists at StarFleet Command, Budapest surgeons were able to give Jarvin back most of his body. He had mixed reactions for the first few weeks but eventually came to terms with his experience as a drone. These experiences drove Prax to atheism and pessimism. He served on the Budapest till the middle of 2377. Prax took a brief leave to return to Earth for more surgery and therapy.

    2377 - 2378

    After completing a round of physical therapy on Earth, Prax was reassigned to the USS Potemkin where he was reacquainted with the girl he had loved for so long, Corin. Prax immediately bonded with fellow engineer “Warp” Mitchell and the fresh-faced CMO, Tom Arnet. The three have remained friends to this day. Prax did not immediately gel with the rest of the crew on the Potemkin and almost considered transferring. A conversation with then Captain, Christian Back, helped Prax decide to remain aboard the Potemkin. By the end of the year, 2377 Prax was a Lieutenant in good standing aboard the Potemkin.

    Corin discovered that she was pregnant and quietly left for Bajor in the early days of 2378. While she was gone, Prax's nanoprobes were inadvertently brought back on-line by Cassandra Nova's telekinetic repair wave. Prax terrorized the crew for a short before Nova telekinetically ripped out all the nanotechnology in Prax’s body, painfully and almost fatally. Arnet was able to bring Jarvin back to good health, but was forced to leave the Cortical Node and a small farm of Nano's in his head because he feared their removal might cause brain damage. After many months, Kalie returned. Feeling compelled to do so because he was the father of her child, Prax proposed and they were wed on 56333.5, Prax was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant at his wedding. Tom Arnet served as his best man and Captain "Warp" Mitchell officiated. Prax and Corin's daughter, Nerys, was born only a month and a half later on 56448.6.

    After having headaches for sometime, Prax went to sickbay and had a heartfelt conversation with Tom Arnet. The two seemed to grow closer than they had been in that night. The following day, Tom Arnet was driven insane by his doppelganger from another dimension. During the confusion created by Tom, who had taken over the ship, Prax's latent nanofarms erupted when his cortical node received a message from a downed Borg transceiver. In essence, Jarvin was reassimilated. Jarvin was able to reassert himself and tried to stop Arnet. However, Arnet countered his friend with a massive electroshock, which nearly killed Prax. The surge destroyed his Borg parts and shorted out his cortical node. Potemkin doctors were able to save Jarvin’s life, but some damage had occurred. Many parts of Jarvin’s body were unable to grow hair, most notably his head. From this point on he shaved it consistently. Prax was also made infertile by the intensity of the surge, though it was something he kept private until years later. Jarvin grew darker and angrier throughout this time, prone to lash out and meet aggression with aggression. Arnet was taken to an asylum shortly after this incident.. The loss, and pseudo-betrayal, of his friend drove Jarvin to reevaluate his relationships. Shortly there after, Prax divorced his wife Kalie, citing that he could never lover her as much as she loved him. Jarvin moved out of their shared quarters, first using his office, then the empty Cargo Hold 3 to live in for sometime. Eventually settling in Arnet's former quarters. He grew a goatee and began to exhibit odd behavior, going so far as to ask Arnet's former girlfriend, Andrea, out on a date.

    A few months later, Jarvin received a message from a friend on Bajor saying that the Bajoran Ambassador to the Klingon Empire was organizing a trial against Prax. Hours later, Mitchell, now Captain of the ‘Tem, received a notice to deliver Prax to Bajor to face trial for the murder of villagers during the Occupation. The crew struggled to form a defense on based on the spartan information Prax would divulge. The prosecutor was none other than Zeddar Jassan, Prax’s long lost brother, who had been horribly disfigured by the fire so many years before. While he argued for the rights of those killed at Kajem, he also add the charge that Prax had killed Zeddar Jarvin and taken his place. Over the course of the trial, it the truth came out, Jassan knew Prax was really his brother because of his use of the pat name Anyare. While the it was discovered that the Cardassians had supplied the fellowship faction with false intelligence, Prax was cleared of any wrongdoing. Except for the guilt he still felt for killing the real Prax.

    2379 - PRESENT

    After serving as the Chief Engineer several months and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, Prax was promoted to the position of Executive Officer around stardate 56980.1. His first dat of active duty was 57001.1. Around the same time, Prax began a relationship with Commander Allayah Arkin, the chief science officer. While serving together, Warp and Prax became very close and often treated each other as equals. The two often refer to each other by first name on the bridge in front of the crew. Both men share a close bond with Doctor Arnet.

    On stardate 57540.4, Jrvin was captured by the Trai’Dar during a major offensive near Galorndon Core. He was briefly tortured, which left massive scarring across his back. The Trai’Dar returned him to the ‘Tem. Shortly thereafter he was promoted to the rank of Commander. After a three month refit and LOA, the Potemkin was returned to duty and began its travels anew. During 2380, the Bom Mobom became the new CEO aboard ship, and became good friends with Prax.

    Doctor Arnet returned to the Potemkin in 2381. This greatly changed Jarvin's out look on life. In 2382, Jarvin became engaged to his longtime girlfriend Allayah Arkin. They have yet to set a date. In 2383, Prax was promoted to the rank of Captain and was given command of the USS Trafalgar during the end of the Romulo-Cardassian war. While he enjoyed commanding the vessel, he longed to be back aboard the Potemkin, a ship he called home for 6 years. At the earliest possible time, StarFleet let him return to the Potemkin.
  • Service Record
  • Previous Positions: Commanding Officer (Trafalgar), Chief Engineer (Potemkin), Assistant Engineer (All)
  • Previous Postings: USS Trafalgar NCC-81721, USS Tecumseh NCC-14934, USS Budapest NCC-64923