USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Commander Rachel Jordan

Name Rachel Leigh Jordan

Position Senior Officer

Rank Commander

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 137lbs
Hair Color Waist-length dark auburn hair, usually kept pinned up.
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Toned and lean.


Father Lee Jordan, paleobotanist
Mother Nicole Jordan, Starfleet Academy instructor.
Sister(s) Gabrielle Jordan, Lt, USS Thompson

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Dislikes: Dark, cramped, unfamiliar places with people present. Boredom….with nothing to do, she gets twitchy.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies include working out on the holodeck and spending about an hour science labs a week to catch up on experiments and news. Her quarters are typically filled with exotic plants found on various worlds. Plus, they give her cat something to chew on while she is on duty. Enjoys reading real books and has a small personal collection of her favorites. She loves anything and everything mysterious….that scientific mind wants to be fed. Even though she likes getting to know people and making lasting friendships, she can be extremely shy depending on the situation.

Personal History Distinguished Career Events: - None listed.

Place of Birth: Sacramento, CA.

After following in her father's footsteps a good portion of her life, she decided to step out of the shadows. She is a scientist at heart, rather by socialization or application. The underlying desire to help others prompted adding another major to her academy tenure…counseling. She enjoyed helping others. Though not a Betazoid, early testing revealed traits of a latent telepathic ability. She always chalked it up to women's intuition.

After three years of teaching, she needed a change. Granted, she loved getting others "hooked" on science, but teaching did not afford the time really help her students. A position opened on the Windsor for a counselor. Intriguingly, the USS Windsor was a scientific research vessel. The Windsor examined the ecosystems of planets, categorizing plant life, archeological investigations, paleontological records, cataloguing both flora and fauna, and various other science ventures. The captain gave her a dual posting, with the primary duty being ship's counselor. She would serve in her scientific specialties only when needed. The departure of two lead scientists prompted the need for her duties to change. The ceaseless away missions, resulting hours in the lab that followed, had only taken her away from counseling. Only when the captain secured a new scientist did she request a transfer. The transfer request was approved and she found herself rendezvousing with the USS Potemkin shortly there after.
Service Record
  • Counselor, USS Windsor. - Assistant Professor
  • Georgetown University, specializing in botany, paleo-botany, and marine biology.