USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Lieutenant JG Ezrin Ezee

Name Ezrin Ezee

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Sun Dec 4th, 2022 @ 6:05pm

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Armellian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 220lbs
Hair Color Scarlet
Eye Color Violet-gold
Physical Description Tall, green-skinned humanoid with bright scarlet hair, sharply pointed teeth and large violet eyes with gold flecks.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Mors Irenz
Mother Kee-u Myza

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ezee is a hyperactive, cheerful individual with insatiable curiosity and a strong sense of fun. They often give the impression of being much younger than they are, and tend to get wildly enthusiastic about whatever they happen to be doing. That said, when events around them get serious, so do they.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Ezee lives pretty much completely in the moment. Whatever's going on in that moment is usually the only thing present in their mind at that time. Unless the events around them are super serious, Ezee is always smiling or bouncing or both.

Weaknesses: Negative emotions are their worst enemy, because they find it difficult to think outside of their immediate surroundings. If a moment is negative, that is all Ezee is likely to be thinking of.
Ambitions Ezee's life goal is to see as much of everything as they possibly can. The universe is so much bigger than anything they could have imagined, so naturally they must see it all!
Hobbies & Interests There are few things Ezee likes doing more than experimenting with bio-electrical engineering. Armellia is metal-poor, so almost all Armellian technology is plant-based. Ezee has been trying since they started in Starfleet to create a workable technology using components from both Starfleet and Armellian sources.

Ezee also likes reading, playing in the mud, gardening, 3d chess, painting, and almost any other activity that they come across.

Personal History Hails from Armellia, a tiny planet mostly inhabited by the peaceful Armellians. A shortage of metals on the planet led to discovery of using plant tissue as conductive material, and Armellian ships are more biological than technological; due to this, when young Ezrin found out about Starfleet and the Federation, they jumped at the chance to study technology that was not biological in nature, delving into the work with the enthusiasm that is a staple of their species. Five years later, they had earned the rank of Ensign, and happened to be posted to the Potemkin for her journey to the Spider’s homeworld.

Up until recently, they had been a minor science officer mostly hidden away in the labs, but has increasingly been posted to the Bridge.
Service Record After graduating the Academy, Ezee was posted aboard the USS Potemkin for their journey to Spiderholm.