USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Commander Allayah Arkin

Name Allayah Shayna Arkin

Position Senior Officer

Rank Commander

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Arkian
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green


Spouse Fiancee: Captain Prax Zeddar Jarvin, Executive Officer, USS Potemkin
Father Adopted Adoptive Father: Julius Alexander Arkin, Scientist
Mother Adoptive Mothrer: Antonia Shayna Arkin, Scientist
Brother(s) Adoptive: Julius Alexander Arkin, Jr., Engineer
Sister(s) Adoptive: Madalyn Shey Arkin, Artist

Personality & Traits

General Overview Education:

Tutored in various ships as parents' assignments dictated. Graduated at 15 years of age. Starfleet Academy Entrance. Specialied in all aspects of Science, quantum mechanics, command track, dimensional properties, interstellar dynamics. Graduated in top 10% of class at 19.


Starfleet Intelligence Division (information sealed) Science vessel, T'Sal USS Potemkin (3/8/01) to present
Hobbies & Interests Music--keyboard, horseback riding, reading and collecting old books, research in subspace.

Personal History Medical Oddities: A cranium organ which has the ability to camouflage and mask vital signs at the person's will. Also creates hormones to counteract liquor causing the ability to intake more alcohol than usual. Arkians cannot survive if this organ malfunctions or is removed. Not much is known about this organ; it camouflages itself when being scanned. Further studies need to be done.

Allergies: Sulfur-based drugs.

Drug Interactions: None discovered.

Medical History:

Allayah and eleven other children were found by the USS Constitution after receiving a distress call from a destroyed planet. The planet had no previous known contact with the Federation. Their species was unknown, humanoid and virtually undetectable from Terrans. It was never determined who destroyed their planet which the children called Arkia.

The Captain of the Constitution observed and recorded a strange bond between the children along with the ability to camouflage their bodies and mask their vital signs. Starfleet Medical was assigned to keep track of these children and to monitor their abilities.

The children were taken to a Starbase and then to earth. After detox and debriefing of the oldest, the children were given adoptive homes. Most of these homes were Starfleet officers. Allayah was adopted by Mr. & Mrs. Julius Alexander Arkin, Starfleet Scientists.

Allayah's childhood was marked by a prococious young lady who exhibited a very strong personality. There were no more tramatic situations in her life. She adapted to her new life very well.

Psychological Profile:

The first year with her adoptive parents was rought for Allayah. She showed signs of nonacceptance of her situation. But, through the patient care of the Arkians, Allayah slowly adjusted and seemed to become a productive member of that family.

Allayah was evaluated every couple of years to see if there was any residue trauma from the devastation of her planet. During those evaluations she would play the psychologist and many times turn the tables on the evaluator. She was extremely good at controlling her emotions and just giving enough information to satisfy the psychologist. She did, however, show adaptation to any situation.

Allayah's adoptive parents traveled on various Starfleet Science vessels. Her father is a deep space scientist and is well known for his unique discoveries and evaluations of unknown phenomena. Her mother, an accomplished scientist herself who invented innovative technology, is well known for her writings in the Science Journals. Allayah seemed to thrive in this environment and seemed to have a knack for understanding scientific unknowns.

When her family had a stay over on earth her school records showed discontent. Many times she would camouflage herself when she didn't want to go to school. Her professors did not know what to do with her.

Psychologist records always stated Allayah was a driven person with an insatiable curiosity. Starfleet Intelligence offered her a position with them upon graduation because of her unique abilities. She worked for them for a couple of years. Because of classified information, those records are sealed. However, there is a question as to why she left the S.I.

Out of character, upon leaving the S.I., Allayah joined a deep-space science research vessel which would be out of contact for at least one year. Upon her return she requested a transfer and received one aboard the USS Potemkin.

Her career blossomed on the USS Potemkin. Her abilities remained unused for most of the time, except for when she used it mischievously. She eventually became Chief Science Officer.

On Stardate 62100.9, Commander Allayah Shayna Arkin went missing after falling through an Iconian gateway on the Fifteenth Moon of Troughton.

On Stardate 62200.9, Commander Allayah Arkin was officially declared Missing In Action - Presumed Lost. A small memorial was held for her on the Potemkin. A day later, she was added to the day's duty roster as Senior Officer of the USS Potemkin, an honorary position. Her name remains there to this day.