USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Ensign Brinna

Name Brinna

Position Officer

Rank Ensign

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Unknown
Age 61

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 195lbs
Hair Color Soft white
Eye Color Changes between green and blue
Physical Description Soft white hair the texture of candyfloss, usually contained in a thick braid down her back. Eye colour changes with her mood, between blue and green. Still strong despite her age, her face was once beautiful but still has the charm of a humourous old woman.


Personality & Traits

Personal History Human in appearance, Brinna has always thought of herself as such, though she knows her DNA is something different. She considers this irrelevant, since to all outward appearances, she *is* human.

There is little record of her before she joined Starfleet, though she'll readily tell people she was raised on a farm in the region of Canada, lived there happily but had 'an incurable form of wanderlust', and made her way to San Francisco to join Starfleet.

Upon graduation, she found herself posted on the USS Alftan, which was sent to the very edges of Federation territory, where it then vanished without a trace. After six months of fruitless searching, it was declared lost and all aboard presumed dead.

Whatever had happened (she does not remember, and the logs of the Alftan are less than helpful), Brinna found herself on what she could only call a ghost ship. Every one of her crewmembers had died of a virus that swept the ship like a wave, eliminating all life on board within a span of four days, though for whatever reason, she was immune. Her call for help was answered by some 'odd, octoid beings that communicated primarily through skin colour', and thus began a series of events leading, in a zigzag sort of way, back towards Federation space. It has taken her forty years to reach the area that Sector General is located.
Service Record Graduated the Academy at 21 years of age with the rank of Ensign.
Posted on the USS Alftan, which was lost 40 years ago.