USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C

Lieutenant Nydia Holt

Name Nydia Elaine Holt

Position Botanist

Rank Lieutenant


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Sun Jan 9th, 2022 @ 10:28pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 127lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green


Father Clive Mathias Holt (adoptive) (Deceased)
Mother Evelyn Alexis Holt (adoptive) (Deceased)
Sister(s) Alison Faith Michaels (twin, estranged)

Personality & Traits

Personal History Nydia was adopted by Clive and Evelyn Holt when she was three. She was a happy child, though sometimes lonely since she didn’t have any siblings and the family moved around a lot. Clive was a botanist working with a civilian interplanetary agriculture firm, so he would get sent to various colonies to assist with either set up or maintenance of agricultural centers. Evelyn was a veterinarian with a love of all creatures, so she was able to find work in every colony they went to.

From the moment Nydia could walk, she was taught how to care for plants and animals. Her first word was “puppy”. Her first ‘pet’ was a sentient plant similar to a venus fly trap, though quite a bit bigger but not dangerous to humans in any way which she received from a colony as thanks for helping, along with her father, to establish a new greenhouse when she was ten. Nydia named it “Audrey” after watching an old Earth movie named ‘Little Shop of Horrors’.

When she was fourteen, the family moved back to Earth. Clive had been bitten by a strange creature on one of the colonies and fell ill. Starfleet Medical was able to treat many of his symptoms, but they could not find a cure. Just before she turned sixteen, Clive succumbed to his mystery illness. Unfortunately, Evelyn began showing signs of the illness as well. Fearing for her daughter’s life, Evelyn sent her to a boarding school. It wouldn’t be long before Evelyn, too, succumbed to the strange illness. Fortunately, scientists were able to isolate a parasite that was causing the illness and eradicate it from Nydia’s body.

At the age of 15, Nydia was orphaned for the second time in her life. This is when she learned she was adopted. There was no information on who her biological parents were, only that they were deceased at the time of adoption, but there was a biological sister listed in her paperwork, one that the Holts had initially taken in along with Nydia but had ultimately said no to because of behavioural issues.

Nydia set out to find her sister, wanting to know more about the twin she was separated from and hoping she could learn more about her biological family. Unfortunately, it would turn into a nightmare. Alison Michaels had been adopted by a middle-class family, though after her adoptive mother died when Alison was seven, things took a turn for the worst. Alison’s father began drinking heavily and neglecting his three children. Alison, being the eldest, was left to care for her younger siblings. However, her behavioural issues had not been addressed and she was prone to anger outbursts.

When Nydia finally found Alison, things were quite dire for her. One of her siblings had died in her care, though her father was found guilty of the murder. The other sibling had been sent to a relative, but Alison was sent to a group home. After meeting, Nydia thought her twin sister was a sad, innocent girl who lost out on an opportunity to have real family in her life. This naivety would lead to a lot of pain and strife for young Nydia.

Alison was not as pleased as Nydia to find she had a twin. Especially one with such a fantastic life, and loving parents for most of her life. Jealousy and anger merged into a deadly force one night when Alison was visiting Nydia’s hotel room. Nydia has no memory of the night in question, though has been told several times that Alison flew into a blind rage and attacked her, nearly killing her but was stopped when several security officers gained entry to the room and tackled Alison.

Nydia spent several months recovering from this attack. The first two months were in hospital, the last few were in outpatient psychiatric care where she was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia in which she cannot remember the events of the day she was attacked and though has seen evidence of the attack, she does not associate herself with the victim of that attack.

After recovery, Nydia didn’t have anyone in her life nor any sense of direction. Her psychiatrist gave her several options to follow. Nydia chose going to Starfleet Academy to become a scientist like her dad. She loves both plants and animals, but decided that being a botanist in Starfleet would lead to a more fruitful life than being a veterinarian.

While she made many friends at the academy, Nydia often found herself drawn to seclusion within the arboretum rather than attending social events. Though, she did attend anything that was science or botany related. During her fourth year, the oceanic studies professor was contacted by the owners of the largest coral reef aquarium in San Francisco asking for help. Apparently all of the coral was dying rapidly and the owners couldn’t figure out why. Nydia was part of a team of four of the brightest students in botany and oceanic studies assigned to rebuild the aquarium as their final project.

It didn’t take them long to figure out what the problem was. The owners, wanting to add fish from a warmer region had changed the temperature of the aquarium. They’d also been neglecting the salt balance of the water when cleaning the aquarium. It took Nydia’s group six months to get the coral reef aquarium back to its former glory. Some thought it was an insane task that the group shouldn’t have been asked to do, but all four of the students said that diving in the aquarium was a source of relaxation. They left behind strict instructions on how to maintain the salt balance and which fish could and could not be included in the aquarium.

Because of the absolute success of the project, Nydia and her group were exempt from their oceanic studies exam. She was a good student, though missed the top 25% of her class by 5%, but that didn’t bother her.