USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C
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Posted on Tue Feb 6th, 2024 @ 3:14am by Ensign Anya Bagh
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Mission: Personal Logs
Location: bridge, as the potemkin makes it's way to the planet holding most of her people.
Timeline: April 10, 2400, 01:00

Anya stood at her station on the bridge. Her face didn't give any expression, but her mind, like the Potemkin, was racing to the class m planet at warp 9.

Henry had a son? How could that have even happened unless there was science involved… she gripped her left hand into a white knuckled fist, her nails digging deeply into her palm.

Of course, his possible lies should be the last of her concerns now. She had a ship and people to protect.

She wondered if Charles was the other parent or if the child had a second parent… somehow, both ideas brought back her childhood. The thought that another child has to grow up without their family…

She knew the pain all too well. The lies that Ms. Brunhilde blatantly told to pacify doctors, teachers, Starfleet, anyone who would dare ask. Anya wasn't even excluded from whatever story would help Ms Brunhilde cover Anya’s true beginning. They were as transparent as Anya’s hair silks, at least to her. She couldn't stand by and let that happen to another child if she could help it.

A warm liquid started trickling through her left palm. A slight sting in her palm started to register… Anya discreetly tugged on her hair silk, letting her braids fall to her shoulders. She neatly folded then tucked the thin cloth in her palm, grasping it tightly to staunch the blood as she checked her continual scans with her right hand. Nothing new to report. Her gaze returned to the stars blazing by on the viewscreen.

If his son was dangerous enough to get over 400 people on a ship missing… then Henry had a good reason to not say anything. But it can't be the son… the oldest he could be would be… 7? 8? She shook her head slightly. That can't be right. who would be using a young child like that?

Anya started shaking in rage. The thought that someone took this from her beloved, left a child without their father, their own family and endangered so many more lives needlessly…

‘Deep breath in, slowly let it out. You must not let the anger win. It helps no one.’ Ms Brunhilde’s voice rang clearly through her head even though she hadn't heard her say it in years. Anya’s heart rate slowed again.

So many more questions. She wondered if Henry had plans to find his son and how he was going to bring him back to the ship… if he was coming back to the ship at all. She closed her eyes and let out a slow, even breath. This time, she was blinking back tears.

Somehow, this hurt the worst. She knew it was not the best idea to just show up with a child on a war-ready starship... But not seeing Henry again, this hurt more than she thought it would.

She reminisced of how wonderful and caring he was with Felix and Lila. He would be an excellent father. Would he even want her to be his child's mother figure? Maybe the child has one already.

So many thoughts still ran through her head. The only clear things at this moment; she needed to support Henry and his child, whatever that looked like, and she needed to cause irreparable harm to whoever threatened them.


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