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Thought For Food

Posted on Tue Jan 30th, 2024 @ 10:05pm by Ensign Henry Ivo

801 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Joint Logs
Location: Anya and Ivo's Quarters
Timeline: Set approximately one day before "Triage, or, What In The Stars Just Happened?"

Location: Ivo & Bagh’s quarters
Time: 08:00

Anya rolled on the bed to snuggle deeper into the blankets. It was their day off and she didn't have any plans except staying in a fuzzy blanket and reading a good book. The book could wait though. It was across the room and there was no way she was leaving the bed yet.

She buried herself in another blanket, trying to turn her attention back to her dream. She felt a kitten jump up on the bed. Without opening her eyes, she saw an image of an empty food bowl. A soft mew came from just outside the blankets.

“Lila…. You ate already.”

Anya readjusted, hiding herself as much as she could. The little calico kitten found one square inch of skin on Anya's arm and headbutted it. The image of the food bowl came back to Anya

“Parmaq, you fed the kittens, right?” she half mumbled.

“What was that?” Henry’s voice called from the living area of their quarters.

She sighed and sat up. She grabbed her fuzzy robe, donning it as she made her way out of the bedroom to Lila’s food bowl. There was kibble in it, but the bottom of the bowl was visible in one spot.

Anya looked at the kitten “I told you, you were fed. I can't feed you again until later.” Lila mewed pathetically and tried to climb the robe. Anya scooped her up, cradled the calico in her arms, and sat down on the couch.

“You’re awake early,” Henry informed her, coming to kiss her cheek.

“Someone is not letting me sleep” she patted Lila’s head. “Saying they are starving… poor baby” Anya smiled at the kiss. “Did you sleep ok at least?”

“Not really. Did you?” Henry asked.

She returned the kiss on his cheek then shrugged.

“About the same as normal. Is something bothering you?”

“Nothing specific. Just nightmares.” Henry shrugged.

“Want to talk about them?” She moved her hand from the kitten to his hand, squeezing gently.

“Would if I could remember them,” Henry answered, smiling as the little kitten started playing with Anya’s robe sash.

“Lila, not yours,” Anya lifted the sash from the kitten, while throwing a nearby sparkly ball away from them. Lila followed the ball, pouncing on it and clawing it mercilessly.

“We could go back to bed…” she smirked up at him.

“We could,” Henry agreed with a wry grin.

Anya stood, starting toward the bedroom when she stopped. The food bowl image returned to her head. She turned to Lila. The kitten stared at her innocently.


Henry looked between Anya and Lila. “You know, sometimes I swear you’re reading her mind.” Henry told her, jokingly.

“You mean she doesn't send you her thoughts?” Anya raised her eyebrow.

Henry blinked, surprised. “I'm sorry, she does what now?”

“She sends me her thoughts. Well, for now at least I think she is not quite fluent in English yet…” she shrugged her shoulders. “I just thought it was something they did.”

“Are you telepathic?” Henry asked her, hiding a brief stab of worry.

“Not that I know of…. Niavra did the same thing though. She taught me how to receive her thoughts when we were young.” Her eyes shifted down “after her accident…” Anya stopped and shook her head. “Sorry. I thought they were thinking things to you too.”

“No, nothing to be sorry about, but we should probably report the fact that they have telepathic capabilities to sickbay; that's the sort of thing they need to know.” Henry replied. Not for the first time, he wondered what had happened to Niavra, but he couldn't quite bring himself to ask. It was clearly a painful topic, and curiosity was not worth ripping a scab off of an open wound.

“maybe… I haven't seen anything from Felix though.” Anya shrugged. “maybe he isn't as advanced as Lila?”

“Or maybe it's because he’s male, or maybe Lila’s weird, or maybe something happened to one of them but not both.” Henry shrugged, “there are a lot of possibilities, and all of them mean a trip to sickbay in the near future.”

“I'm sure Hazeline will be interested to know, but I'm in no rush to go to sickbay. We can mention it at their next check up though.” Anya sighed, hoping for compromise.

Henry laughed. “Interested? She’ll be delighted! We’d better make sure we have the entire afternoon to spend there.”

“...a whole afternoon? In sickbay?” Anya griped.

“If it’ll make you feel better, I’ll get Ezrin to babysit for the rest of the evening...” Henry grinned.

“Deal.” She smirked and stifled a yawn. “But only if we get more sleep or coffee now. I'm still tired.”

~End Log~


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