The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

James B. "Warp" Mitchell

Crew Biography


Basic Information

  • Name: James B. Mitchell
  • Rank: Admiral
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Current Post: USS Potemkin, NCC-76927-C
  • Current Position: Commanding Officer
  • Starfleet ID: 981-2263A
  • Additional Information: Special Forces Codename is Warp
    • Often used when referring to him

Starfleet Service

  • Special Recognition:
    • &C& Individual Creative Performance Skills Award on Stardate 9709.14
    • =$= Gold Medal for Log Writing Valor on Stardate 9807.30

Personal Information

  • Age: 47 Terran years
    • Note: Starfleet has been informed that certain considerations should be taken concerning Mr. Mitchell's age. An appropriate number of years and months has been subtracted due to time lost by temporal displacement.
  • Father: James A. Mitchell
  • Mother: Cynthia J. Mitchell
  • Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona, Earth
  • Birthdate: Stardate 6701.15 (2343)
  • Disabilities: None
  • Siblings: One sister, Jeannine M. Mitchell
  • Marital Status: Widower
  • Height: 1.84m
  • Weight: 87.1Kg
  • Eye Color: Radial multi-hued color pattern (formerly blue)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Nickname(s): Warp, J.B. (in certain circumstances)
  • Former Pets: Tasha, female canine of the Beagle species.

Personnel Evaluation

Counselor - USS Mayari: Log Stardate 9501.19

Mr. Warp seems to be an exceptional officer, but is pressured greatly by his peers. He was a member of Red Squad, an exeptional group of students at Starfleet Academy. This causes everyone to expect more of him than they would themselves.

His Morale seems sometimes low, as this stress causes him to go into small periods of depression, but he is prudent in coming to my office when these events occur. He acknowledges his weaknesses, strengths, and pressures, and attempts to balance them as well as possible. A small problem is appearing with a wild side to this fine ensign. His emotions sometimes cause him to do miscevious things, such as mis-align small isolinear chips to cause an artificial warp core breech alert, or set a phaser to overload in the lounge. It is becoming less frequent, and should dissipate according to my studies.

Morale Officer - USS Liberty: Stardate 9505.12

Mr. Warp seems a fine young officer. His mind allows him to come up with brilliant solutions to problems. Yesterday, the plasma relays in the warp nacelles were off-sequence, and anything the chief engineer did couldn't stop the fluctuations. Mr. Warp recommended installation of a plasma inversion coil, a small device which is capable of re-directing plasma in large quantities. The engineer had never heard of such a device, but the Lieutenant had been playing with plasma streams and had designed one. He replicated it and solved the problem.

Mr. Warp is chipper, bright and interacts well with the crew, a great improvement according to his early phsycological examinations by the USS Mayari's Counselor. I hope to see this officer excel in his duties, especially in the engineering department.

Counselor - Space Station Alpha 6: Stardate 9511.06

Mr. Warp has shown expertise in all areas he has been subjected to aboard this facility. His Red Squad training has prepared him for medical, scientific, engineering, tactical, emergency and other types of procedures, many of which occur regularly under this station. The planet Alpha 6 orbits is volatile, and Mr. Warp has seen much action on it's surface. This officer is doing well, and should continue this progress.


Loss of U.S.S. Potemkin, NCC-1711-A:

Mr. Warp stayed behind in the engineering section during the evacuation and subsequent separation of the primary hull. He assisted Chief Engineer Clewan Eric in temporarily stabilizing the warp core, saving the saucer section from being destroyed by the eventual WPS breach. Mr. Warp, along with the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Frank Hernandez, and a handful of others escaped in a shuttlecraft and rendezvoused with the saucer section some 40,000km away. Captain Alexander "Putty" O'Brien emerged from the wreckage moments later in a Starfleet Fighter, the last person to escape the breach.

Subspace Communique concerning the death of Mr. Mitchell:

=/\= Starfleet Official Transmission =/\= Admiral G. Anderson Starfleet Headquarters Planet Sol III (Earth) Stardate 9811.19 =/\= BEGIN TRANSMISSON =/\=

Dear Crew,

Your comrade, First Lieutenant James B. Mitchell has been killed in a shuttle accident en route to the Potemkin, about 10 lightyears out of Risa. The shuttle Daystrom encountered a minor ion storm approximately 2 days ago, and navigational systems were compromized. Mr. Mitchell believed he had patched up the problem, according to logs. The shuttle's "black box" was found floating in orbit of an asteroid. Apparently, the navigation systems, being damaged, did not detect the asteroid. The shuttle impacted with the asteroid at warp 4, and the "black box" was the only object to survive intact, aside from Mr. Mitchell's communicator badge. The "black box," as it is designed to withstand impacts at warp 7.5, made it through the impact. The commbadge was found floating nearby... It must have escaped in the explosion ensuing the impact. Mr. Mitchell's body was never recovered from the area, as it was obviously vaporized. I must express my sorrow for this great loss.

\\// Live Long and Prosper Admiral G. Anderson, head of Starfleet Auxillary Travel center

=/\= Communication Information =/\= Channel 15091.12049 Subspace relay 19a6-115 Recieved at 1606 hours, delayed by time encryption until 2100 =/\= END TRANSMISSION =/\=


Some dates are "in the ballpark" due to data corruption. Corruption affected several crewmembers and occurred aboard USS Potemkin, NCC-1711-B

  • 9605.10 - Assigned: U.S.S. Potemkin, NCC-1711-A
    • Assistant Engineering Officer
  • 9606.20 - Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 9608.22 - Promotion to Lieutenant
  • 9608.29 - U.S.S. Potemkin, NCC-1711-A Destroyed (See Note)
    • Assigned: U.S.S. Potemkin, NCC-1711-B
  • 9706.05 - Promotion to First Lieutenant
  • 9709.14 - Promotion to Assistant Chief Engineer
  • 9711.13 - U.S.S. Potemkin, NCC-1711-B Destroyed
  • 9711.20 - Assigned: Starbase 211, starship reclamation crew
  • 9805.11 - Assigned: U.S.S. Potemkin, NCC-76927-C
    • Co-Chief Engineer
    • Shared duties with First Lieutenant Frank Hernandez
  • 9807.30 - Awarded Gold Medal for Log Valor by Fleet Captain Sierra
  • 9811.17 - Passed away (See Communique, dated 9811.19)
  • 0107.05 - Resurrected under mysterious circumstances
  • 0107.19 - Starfleet Commission Reinstated
    • By Captain Christiaan Back, CO, U.S.S. Potemkin, NCC-76927-C
  • 0108.16 - Promotion to Lieutenant Commander
  • 0109.15 - Offered position of Executive Officer aboard U.S.S. Lionheart
    • Declined promotion for personal reasons.
  • 0111.29 - Promotion to Commander
  • 0112.27 - Promotion to Captain
    • Appointed as CO of the U.S.S. Potemkin, NCC-76927-C
  • 10202.27 - Promoted to Fleet Captain of the newly-created Shakaar Fleet
  • 10207.20 - Announced candidacy for position of SLA PR Chair
  • 10608.08 - Elected SLA Council Moderator
  • 11003.19 - Promotion to Admiral by the SLA Council
  • 11012.09 - Death of Tasha, Warp's longtime canine companion
  • 11403.06 - Treated for partial genetic reversion caused by exposure to chroniton field two years prior; multi-hued eyes are a lasting effect
  • 11411.13 - Rank reverted to Captain due to temporal changes caused by Andrea O'Donnell