The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Katom "Soori" Sooranya

Crew Biography


Basic Information

  • Standard name: Katom Sooranya

  • Full Name: Sha'uri (Anubei) Qatrak Sooranya Katom Tah

  • Rank: Major General

  • Species: Tserran

  • Gender: Male

Service Information

  • Current Post: Uss Potemkin

  • Current Position: Liaison Officer


  • Highest level of education:
    Tserran Defense Force Military Academy,
    Tserran Marine Corps Officer Candidacy School (T.M.C. OCS)

  • Name of employer: Tserran Defense Force, Republic of Tserra

Personal Information

  • Father: Evyn Sooranya

  • Mother: Kara Sooranya

  • Birthplace: City of Esh, Tserra

  • Birthdate: November, 18, 1795

  • Stardate of Birth: -527119.1

  • Siblings: Tik'va Sooranya(Female)

  • Marital Status: Engaged

  • Spouse: Jayla Rollands

  • Children:

  • Nickname: Soori

Physical Information

  • Physical Build: Athletic

  • Skin Color: White

  • Height: 1.6 M

  • Weight: 63 Kg

  • Eye Color: Red

  • Hair Color: Charcoal Black

  • Hair Style: Short and shaggy

  • Facial Hair: Usually clean shaven, or stubble

Miscellaneous Information

  • Scars/distinguishing marks: A few scars mostly on his arms, and torso

  • Preferred style of clothing: His T.D.F. Uniform

  • Favorite Color(s): Prussian Blue

  • Hobbies: Reading about 21st century Earth, cooking, sleeping, and collecting stuffed animals.

  • Taste in music: Literally anything.

Personal Property

Owns a small apartment in Esh City, which he inherited from his parents.

Friends and Enemies

  • Friends:
    Lieutenant Alexander Kenward Grimm
    Captain James B. Mitchell Commander Thomas Arnet

  • Enemies:


  • Health: He is in generally good health, though he tends to overeat

  • Drinks Alcohol: Yes

  • Drugs and Medication: Since childhood has smoked the medicinal plant Shikum, which he still partakes in on occasion





Tacos, Muffins, Jello, and making jokes


Not all that much.

House and Home


Significant/Special Belongings:

Combat Information

  • Peaceful or aggressive attitude:

  • Fighting skills/techniques:

  • Weapon of choice (if any):

  • Strengths in combat:

  • Weaknesses in combat:

Biographical Information

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