The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Jake Sjet

Crew Biography


Jake's goal in life is to not get set on fire...again.

Joining Starfleet seemed like a no-brainer: get a snazzy uniform, see the stars, visit strange new worlds. Except that the author of Jake's life is some sort of sadist.

From his very first away mission Jake has carried the curse of the Red Shirt. If there's a bug with poison heading for the plucky science officer, he gets in its way. If negotiations with the Klingon's are going down hill, he's the guy sent out for the ill-advised bottle of Romulan Ale.

(Cause the Blue Stuff calms things down real good)

Jake just wants to live a quiet, normal life within the grand machine of Starfleet. He doesn't want excitement, or interesting plot developments that result in him catching on fire...again. He just wants to live the quiet life of the NPC who works 9-5.

This plan, of course, is doomed to failure.