The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Jean-Luc Ricker

Crew Biography


Physical Profile:

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 195lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Goes by: Luc

Background Narrative: Jean-Luc Ricker was once a fast burning officer. He was talented wherever he was used, supremely intelligent and blatantly gifted as a leader. He was also though, stubborn, with a bad attitude streak. He had burned all the way up to First Lt, assistant Engineering chief, and was pushing for another promotion, all within a couple years of his graduation from the academy. The Attitude showed itself at the wrong time though, he suspected an important ambassador of underhanded, possibly treasonous crimes and called the ambassador out before he had all of the evidence and without consulting his chain of command. Of course he was immediately punished. Ricker was demoted all the way to Ensign and was forced to repeat his last year at the academy and start over from scratch. During this second stint at Starfleet Academy, Luc met a man who changed his life. Adm Horatio Nelson took Ricker under his wing and taught him to channel his energy productively and how to conduct himself properly as a Starfleet Officer. Knowing Admiral Warp's abilities as a leader, and a shaper of minds, Adm Nelson arranged for Ens Ricker to be assigned to the USS Potemkin to give the Ensign a good opportunity to start over.

Posting: USS Potemkin

Position: Helm Officer

*Previously worked in the engineering department as an Engineering officer. Change was made stardate 67204.6

Service Record:

Starfleet Academy, LtCmdr Avery, Epsilon Squadron Supervisor.

Cdt Ricker has been an exceptional student in many ways. He is a natural born engineer and has succeeded in teaching even the academy professors a thing or two about efficient mechanics. Cdt Ricker has also shown that if he chose he could be a competent Science officer or even Tactical officer.

Cdt Ricker's interactions with other Cadets seems to be normal. He enjoys the respect of his peers and appears to be social with a few of them. Few disciplinary actions have had to be taken against Cdt Ricker, and have not been out of the ordinary for cadets at the academy. A few times out past curfew, having females in the dorm, and one bar fight are not uncommon and represent the worst of Cdt Rickers record.

While he excels in the academics, Cdt Ricker does struggle with submitting fully to authorities. He usually has his own idea of how the mission should be carried out and his natural leadership abilities push him to try and take over the mission. This attitude issue is not uncommon with highly talented young people and with some proper shaping, can result in the same edge that made figures like James Kirk the leaders that they were.

USS Reykjavik, FstLt Mot, Assistant Chief Engineer:

Although this is Ens Rickers first assignment after his education at Starfleet Academy, his knowledge about his duties and his performance are exceptional. Ens Ricker has no negative remarks on record for his work as he is a hard working individual who is more than happy to be given an assignment and then run with it. While I am impressed with him as an engineer, his personality leaves something to be desired. Ens Ricker is known to have a contemptuous attitude toward anyone who tries to exert what he deems to be "undue" authority over him. Ricker is a competent officer and worthy of his promotion and next assignment. Im sure that his attitude will improve with experience and maturity.

Deep Space 7 FstLt Kolos, Asst Chief Engineer:

LtJg Ricker is an inspired engineer. His ability to learn new and different skills as well as innovate current practices goes beyond that of most officers under my command. He shows much promise as a technician and as a leader. He has been placed in charge of a small team of engineers and each of the team members have provided positive feedback on his competence as a leader, and a teacher. LtJg Ricker has shown his ability to perform under pressure as this Starbase sits on a precarious border, often subject to small skirmishes.

LtJg Ricker's abilities also seem to be his weaknesses. Because he knows that he is of superior ability, he is apt to take unnecessary risks, expect too much from his team members, and subvert authority. Ricker sometimes forgets that while he is in charge of a small team, he does not have the authority to take over the entire engineering department. LtJg Ricker has had to be counseled on several occasions that he is to run any and all ideas and projects through myself and the CEO before acting on them.

It is my opinion that LtJg Ricker is a fine officer and makes great contributions to this station. However, Ricker needs to learn how to operate with all of his intelligence and talent, under the authority of other people. I suspect that his attitude will cause a major problem for the Lt and will do damage to his career if he doesnt learn the lesson soon.

USS Goddard LtCmdr Halloway Asst Chief Engineer:

Lt Luc Ricker is a fine engineer with the potential to become a CEO one day. Cmdr Lowell and I agreed to let Lt Ricker share some of the responsibilities of commanding the beta shift. He has done well when he remembers that he is not completely in charge and stays on task. Ricker is a valuable asset in the department as he can find quick fixes to problems and anticipate others before they happen. He has been instrumental in saving the ship on several occasions.

It should be noted that while Lt Ricker is a good engineer, he has a long way to go before he gains my respect as a leader and as a man. He is prone to arrogance and does nothing to hide the problem. He doesnt even seem to see it as one.

Supplemental note - Cmdr Lowell, Chief Engineer:

Due to the loss of FstLt Halloway and another officer, the captain and I have promoted Lt Ricker to FstLt and Assistant Chief Engineer. This is purely based on the fact that he is most competent engineer of the eligible candidates. Personally, I am not a fan of FstLt Ricker's attitude, and see it as something that will get in the way of his personal success and possibly that of his crew.

Starfleet Justice Department, Cmdr Jonas, Chief Rehabilitator, Lunar Beta Medium Security Rehabilitation Complex:

Jean-Luc Ricker has been assigned to this facility on charges of ignoring the chain of command and slander against a diplomat of the Federation all aboard the USS Goddard. Reports say that he spoke out of turn to accuse a high level diplomat of treason without any proof. His stay here will probably not be long as he will most likely be discharged from Starfleet and transferred to a civilian facility. Thus far, Ricker has been cooperative though he insists that his accusations were correct.

Supplemental Note:

After two weeks stay here, Ricker has been proven correct. The Ambassador was engaged in treasonous activities detrimental to the Federation. As such Ricker's consequences have been re-evaluated. Ignoring the chain of command is still serious so FstLt Ricker has been given the choice of returning to Starfleet Academy where he will repeat the final year of training at the permanently reduced rank of Ensign. If he so chooses, Ricker will be transferred as soon as tomorrow.