The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Reven Rayus

Crew Biography


Basic Information

  • Standard name: Reven Rayus

  • Full Name: Anubei Takotan Rayus Reven Tah

  • Rank: First Lieutenant

  • Species: Tserran

  • Gender: Male

  • Starfleet ID: QV-0612-Z21

Service Information

  • Current Post: Uss Potemkin

  • Current Position: Chief Tactical Officer

  • Previous Assignments:
    Uss Tethys, Chief Tactical Officer
    Uss Potemkin, Chief Tactical Officer
    TDV Shemesh'or, Chief Tactical Officer
    Uss Atlantis, Chief Tactical Officer
    Uss Yellowstone, Commanding Officer
    Uss Potemkin, Primary Helmsman

  • Awards: None

  • Reprimands: 6 Month Prison term for the following:
    1.Disobeying direct orders by a superior officer
    2.Reckless endangerment of fellow crew mates
    3.Critical endangerment of Interstellar peace
    4.Assault on a fellow officer
    5.Assault on a foreign dignitary
    6.Conduct unbecoming of an officer


  • Highest level of education:
    Tserran Defense Force Military Academy,
    Tserran Air Corps Officer Candidacy School (T.A.C. OCS),
    and Starfleet Academy.

  • Qualifications: Was a Major General in the Tserran Defense Force Air Corps,
    has fought many battles on as many planets, and has a strong grasp of strategy and tactics because of this.

  • Current job title and description: Chief Tactical Officer, U.S.S. Tethys.

  • Name of employer: United Federation of Planets, Starfleet

Personal Information

  • Father: Hamon Rayus

  • Mother: Osiraa Rayus

  • Birthplace: Kiraktier, Tserra

  • Birthdate: August, 25, 1793

  • Stardate of Birth: -529352.0

  • Siblings: None

  • Marital Status: Engaged (Technically Married)

  • Spouse:
    Emi Kiryu(Deceased)
    Netz Shalva'ne

  • Children: None (His son doesn't exist in this timeline.)

  • Nickname: Rev

  • Titles:
    Nashi of Anubei(Prince of Anubei)
    Paladin of Chula

  • Pets: A Tribble named Steve

Physical Information

  • Physical Build: Athletic

  • Skin Color: Pale, White

  • Height: 1.6 M

  • Weight: 58 Kg

  • Eye Color: Red

  • Hair Color: Charcoal Black

  • Hair Style: Shoulder Length, Messy when let down, usually in a ponytail.

  • Facial Hair: Full Beard, usually unkempt.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Languages Spoken: Tserran, English, and a little bit of Fioran

  • Tattoos: None

  • Scars/distinguishing marks: Multiple Scar’s all over his body

  • Preferred style of clothing: His uniform, or traditional Tserran robes

  • Favorite Color(s): Green, Yellow, Purple

  • Hobbies: Reading, repairing and maintaining his personal weapons, and buying and restoring old ships.

  • Taste in music:
    Multiple selections of Terran music, usually rock, or techno.
    Also enjoys Tserran rap, rock, and classical music.

Personal Property

Reven owns a few cargo vessel’s which are crewed and operated by his clan mates.
He also bought and owns the first ship he was given command of the Astra.

Friends and Enemies

  • Friends:
    Lieutenant Alexander Kenward Grimm
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Kellen Drake
    Lieutenant Flora Hazeline
    Rin of Wotal

  • Enemies:
    Rin of Wotal


  • Health: He is in generally good health, he may occasionally have some trouble due to old injury’s.

  • Drinks Alcohol: Yes, all Tserran’s drink alcohol on occasion


Reven is a bit rash and sometimes will not listen to orders if he believes they are “bad”.
However he is reliable and will fight for his friends and crew mates to the death if need be.
He can be quite outspoken,and also has some suicidal tendencies as he has little regard for his own life.
In light of this however, he tends to have a nonchalant attitude in most situations.

Fears/phobias: Is generally not phased by most situations, however he does fear that he is not good enough to protect those he loves.


Pie, Mead, making jokes, and just generally having fun.


Rude, and overly stoic people

Eating Habits

  • Favorite food(s): Any type of Pie, Steamed water root, Turkey and Dressing.

  • Favorite drink(s): Mead, Tserran Mead, Vodka, Tserran Vodka, Orangeade, Watermelon Juice, Mountain Dew, Pibb Extra.

  • Disliked food: Anything made with blood.

  • Disliked drinks: Anything made with blood.

House and Home

A large estate, almost a small town unto itself.
It comprises one large main building, with a few small detached ones within a walled perimeter.
He has his own apartment in the large main building, with all the amenities.
There is a medium sized pool in the courtyard, as well as a small farm, and most often the entire clan at the estate eat together in one large dining room.

Significant/Special Belongings:
Reven still has Tserran Energy Pistol (Phased-Tetryon Compression Pistol) from his service with the T.D.F..
A collection of awards, medals, and other memorabilia on a glass cased shelf in his living room.
A copy of his people’s scriptures.
A copy of the Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Combat Information

  • Peaceful or aggressive attitude: Kind of a mix of both, Reven is usually quite nonchalant, and peaceful.
    However taking a life does not burden his conscious, and this he is not shy of doing.

  • Fighting skills/techniques: Is trained and proficient in energy, and ballistic weaponry. Is proficient in the use of single sword, and sword & shield combat.

  • Weapon of choice (if any): His Tserran energy pistol, Tserran battle rifle, any form of compression Phaser, dagger, Khopesh or any sort of sword.

  • Strengths in combat: His extensive experience in combat situations has given him a cool head under fire. Also his lack of regard for his own life, can cause him to take risks that others wouldn't think to take.

  • Weaknesses in combat: His lack of regard for his own life, can cause him to take foolish risks that could lead to his own injury or death

Biographical Information

Childhood Years (Newborn - Age 10)

Reven was born in the Anubei/Rayus estate in the city of Kiraktier, on the planet Tserra.
His childhood was a relatively normal Tserran childhood, with nothing of importance to note.

Teenage Years (11 - 19)

For the first few years of Reven’s teenage years nothing of importance happened.
At the age of 15 he began attending the Tserran Defense Force Military Academy, where he would go until graduating when he was 20.
During his time at the T.D.F.M.A. he took his first life, a Tserran male a few years older than him.
The Young Man had been harassing some of the female students, and when Reven called him out on this,
the Young Man challenged Reven to a duel in accordance with Tserran Tradition and Law, stating that Reven had challenged his honor.
Reven won the duel, slaying the Young Man in honorable sword combat in the presence of many witnesses.

Adult Years (20+)

Reven graduated from the T.D.F.M.A. when he was 20 years old, and immediately enlisted in the T.D.F. Air Corps.
Due to his high combat scores at the academy he was very quickly promoted to Flight Sergeant Major, the highest enlisted rank available to members of the T.D.F. Air Corps.
Instead of immediately assigning him to a fighter squadron it was decided that since his combat scores, he would be attached to the 6th Marine Legion, 1st Cohort, as a spotter for fire support.
His first actual combat experience was on the ruined Tserran colony world of Kitoiba, during this battle he was wounded as he was exiting the drop ship with the Marine detachment he was assigned to.
Earning him his first award for being wounded in battle. He fought in many battles after this with the 6th Legion, before enrolling in the Tserran Air Corps Officer Candidacy School at the age of 65.
Five years later he graduated from T.A.C. OCS earning an Officer Commission.
He served in various postings for the next eight years, during this time finally being promoted to the rank of Chief Flight Officer, and being assigned as the XO aboard the T.D.V. Rifus, where he would serve for the next 60 years.
At the age of 133 he was promoted to Commander and given command of the T.D.V. Astra, where he met his Fiancé Emi Kiryu.
When he was 283 years old, he and his vessel fought in the 6th Battle of Tserra, destroying 32 vessels, including the Fioran fleet leader.
For his actions in this battle, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General, and given command of the new Tserran flagship the T.D.V. Azrael.
He commanded the Azrael for the next 305 years and in that time he was promoted to the rank of Major General.
In the year of 2379, Emi gave birth to their son Micsati.
Six months later while he, and Emi were down on Kitoiba surveying a new set of fortifications she was shot by a Fioran soldier drone, and Reven held her in his arms while she died.
This even would prove to be the single most devastating event in his life, and he subsequently resigned his commission with the T.D.F., and on a whim joined Starfleet.
Taking a massive reduction in rank in the process.
He was granted a commission with the rank of Ensign in 2385, and assigned to the U.S.S. Potemkin as the ships Primary Helmsmen.
In 2390 at this point promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant, was reassigned as the Chief Tactical Officer aboard the U.S.S. Potemkin.
For a brief period in 2390, Reven was given a temporary field promotion by Admiral Mitchell, and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
Pursuant to this, he was given temporary command of the Oberth class, Uss Yellowstone.
With orders to take the vessel back to Starbase 22.
Upon returning to the Potemkin, after this brief stint aboard the Uss Yellowstone, he resumed his previous rank of First Lieutenant. During the events of the Wotal Civil War, Reven disobeyed direct orders, shot his friend Flora Hazeline, and engaged the enemy commander Rin of Wotal in sword combat, despite all orders to the contrary. Although this was done with the best intentions in mind, Reven was subjected to an unusual, yet still valid Court Martial, at the hands of Admiral Sorin. Reven was charged with numerous crimes, although "Critical Endangerment of Interstellar Peace" would have to be his favorite, resulting in a choice between demotion, or a six month prison sentence. Reven chose the prison sentence. Upon being released from Prison, he was reassigned under the command of Captain Mitchell, although aboard a new vessel, the Tethys, due to the Potemkin-C's retirement. With the Potemkin-C being brought out of retirement after the death of the Tethys, Rayus was reassigned back to the Potemkin, along with much of the original crew.

Cultural Notes

Among Tserran's an Engagement is seen as the same thing as a marriage, the only difference between the two is a ceremony taking place.
Duel’s to the death have since been outlawed on Tserra since joining the Federation, however they still do take place.

Name Translation and Order:
Anubei is his clan name, Takotan is the regional/tribal name, Rayus is his personal family name, Reven is his personal name, and Tah is an honorific such as the English “Sir, Madam, Mr., Mrs..”etc.

Reven itself means: Honorable Sword or Glorious Blade..etc. (There can be many other meanings, but they all follow the same general principle) Rayus itself means: Sun or Star..etc. (There can be many other meanings, but they all follow the same general principle)

Thus his full name of Anubei Takotan Rayus Reven Tah when translated means: The honorable sword of the Sun, of the Clan of Anubei, from the sea of Takotan. (There can be many other translations, but they all follow the same general principle)