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Harriet Novar

Crew Biography


Name: Dr. Harriet Novar (pronounced no-vair)
Rank: Civilian
Position: Assistant Medical Officer- Truama Surgeon
Gender: Female
Species: Changeling
Age: Immaterial, appears to be in her late 20s or early 30s
Height: 200cm
Weight: 85 kg
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green

Physical Description: Harriet is a tall, striking, vivacious young woman with a toned, lithe feminine physique and fair skin. Her face is square with a gently tapered chin and is dominated by her piercing green eyes and full lipped Cupid’s bow mouth, with a light dusting of freckles across her cheeks and nose. Thin eyebrows set atop her emerald eyes taper off to either side of her head, while locks of long, fiery red hair frame her soft features, often slipping down to obscure her right eye.

Spouse: Clarissa Novar, Deceased
Fiancé: Clarence Rainville, Deceased

Personal History: In late 2369, the Founders sent a young Changeling named Karlath through the wormhole to infiltrate Starfleet and assess the Federation's threat to them. Karlath moved from ship to ship as it made its way to Earth, taking the form of various races along the way and learning a great about both the alpha and beta quadrants as it went. During a month spent on board a Klingon freighter, it met a human boy named Harman Novar that had stowed away on the vessel. The boy was an orphan from one of the Federation colonies on Cardassian side of the DMZ and was trying to make his way to Earth to join Starfleet.

Karlath spent a great deal of time with the boy, getting to know him and learning his past. The Changeling was surprised by the boy's desire to join Starfleet. It didn't understand why he didn't want to join the rebels fighting against Cardassians to exact revenge against the people responsible for the death of his parents. Harman explained that his parents had always wanted him to become a Starfleet officer and how they would have been disappointed with if he threw away his future in a misguided attempt for retribution.

Karlath contemplated the boy's words for a long time and intended to talk with him about the subject further, but the freighter's captain discovered the stowaway and killed the boy before Karlath had the chance. The boy's death disturbed the Changeling for reasons he could not explain. After some deliberation, Karlath decided to assume to the boy's identity once he left the freighter. It seemed like a fitting way to honor the first friend he'd ever had.

Karlath disembarked the freighter at Starbase 135 and assumed the form of Harman Novar, down to the molecular level. While his time in the Great Link had been brief, he had been taught much, including how to perfectly mimic a solid, down to the DNA, and how to regenerate without reverting to a liquid form. As Harman, Karlath stowed away on a Federation transport headed for Earth. He managed to avoid detection for several days before the transport's captain discovered him hiding in one of the cargo bays.

Karlath expected the human captain to attempt to kill him as the captain of the Klingon freighter had done to Harman, but again a human surprised him. Rather than kill Karlath, the captain took the stowaway to his quarters and gave him a hot meal. The captain introduced himself as Tobias Williston, a retired Starfleet Captain, and asked Karlath what his name was and why he had stowed away on his ship. Karlath gave his name as Harman Novar and began to recite Novar's tale the way Harman had told him. Captain Williston seemed impressed by the story and offered to help Harman study for the Academy entrance exam.

Karlath spent the remainder of the journey to Earth under Captain Williston's tutelage. During his time with the Captain, not only did he learn everything he needed to know to pass the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, he also settled into his new life as Harman Novar and his fundamental beliefs about the nature of humans and the Federation were formed. By the time they reached Earth, he hardly thought of himself as Karlath the Changeling, but rather Harman Novar the human.

Karlath, or rather Harman, passed the entrance exam with flying colors and was admitted to the Academy. He kept in touch with Captain Williston while at the Academy and over time, Williston became something of a mentor to him. His time at the Academy was largely uneventful, owing mainly to the fact that he wanted to keep a low profile to avoid detection. The Dominion War broke out during his third year at the Academy and he found himself mobilized to field duty with the rest of the Academy. In particular, he was assigned to work with Starfleet Intelligence under Captain Tobias Williston, who turned out to be a member of Starfleet Intelligence operating under cover when Harman met him. Williston had seen potential in Harman when he first met him and had been grooming him for a career in Intelligence ever since.

Captain Williston gave Harman a field commission to Ensign and assigned him to work on analyzing intelligence information at Starfleet Headquarters. While working at the Office of Intelligence, Harman met a civilian secretary named Clarissa Rainville. They dated for a year, and in 2474 were married. For four months Harman forgot he was a Changeling. Then one night he got home from work and found Clarissa bleeding on the kitchen floor and a Changeling waiting for him. The Changeling said he had forgotten who he was and where his loyalties lay and needed to be reminded. Something snapped in Harman and he lashed out at the Changeling. They struggled, but Harman managed to overpower and kill the other Changeling.

His communicator damaged in the fight, Harman rushed back to his wife’ side and tried to stop the bleeding, but his Academy first aid training simply wasn’t enough. Clarissa bled to death in his arms before help could arrive.

Part of Harman died with his wife that day. A week after her funeral, he resigned his commission as an intelligence officer and returned to the Academy to become a doctor. He couldn’t save her because he hadn’t know how and had sworn on her grave that would never happen again.

Harman worked tirelessly on his studies, striving to become the best doctor he could be. All told, he spent nine long years in school, graduating with both a degree in general medicine and an advanced degree in emergency medicine and trauma surgery, but declined a commission as a Starfleet Officer.

Following his certification by the Federation Board of Medicine, he was assigned to the USS Nobel in 2383, where he served with distinction for many years as the ship’s lead trauma surgeon. In 2389, he requested a transfer to an exploration vessel and was reassigned to the USS Potemkin.

Update: After the temporal event that occurred on Stardate 67680, Novar became a woman by the name of Harriet. The events of her life unfolded much the same as the events of Harman's, when accounting for gender differences.

On stardate 68822.8 Novar was reassigned to the Federation starship Sagittarius, under the command of Commander Milo Tora, after the decommissioning of the Potemkin.

Novar returned to the Potemkin on Stardate 69595.2 after nearly a ten month absence.