The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Jillian Norson

Crew Biography


Age: 23 Terran years

Father: Bertrand Norson

Mother: Elizabeth Norson (née Weiss)

Siblings: None

Birthplace: York, England, Earth

Hometown: Stamford Bridge, East Riding, England

Birthdate: September 26, 2366 (Stardate 43734.2)

Disabilities: None

Marital Status: Single (In a relationship with Yasorn Neco

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 128 lbs.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Blonde

Personal History:

Jillian was born to two University professors near York. As an only child she kept to herself much of the time, and given her parents' background, she was a studious pupil. When not focused on her studies, she spent free time in the field, literally. The natural outdoors was a passion of her, and easily accessible in the rural areas surrounding a large metropolis.

Previous Assignment: USS Tethys

First Lieutenant Norson had been stationed on the Tethys at Ops for 4 years before a series of horrific accidents brought the crew of the Potemkin to her bridge. At that point, she joined the latter's crew, and, along with other members of the Tethys crew, stayed with them when the USS Potemkin was recommissioned. When there was a need and call for more Science officers, she volunteered to be transferred to that department.