The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Morrigan L. Zaad

Crew Biography



Birthdate: May 12, 2371

Appearance: black hair, cut short. Has a persistently out-of-place lock on the left side. Usually clean-shaven and smiling.

Eyes: sharp, vivid silver.

Height: 5’9”

Body type: well-muscled, firmly and evenly built.

Note: while he is a telepath, he does not want to be; he will not use his abilities unless asked to do so by a superior or a friend.


Morrigan was born on a colony almost completely populated by Klingons, with the exception of a Vulcan science station on a nearby mountain. It was a rough life, but rewarding in it’s own way, and he came away from it with friendships he would not trade for anything.

Hailex II is a peculiarity in colonies, as it is not a part of the Klingon Empire, and nor is it a part of the Federation. It stands alone and aloof, some say, and soon became a place for fugitives of many authorities to hide--though often they find that doing so was a mistake, as the Klingon colonists make it a point of honour to be certain these fugitives do not stay long. As the word of this spread, only the most daring, or the most desperate, go there.

Morrigan was a peculiarity in and of himself; raised among them, it is understandable that he took in some of their beliefs and tastes, but no one expected him to lead the band of Klingons that hunt outsiders, least of all himself. It is unclear exactly how this came about, or why he left, but it came to pass that a Federation ship came to collect one of their unwelcome guests, and the captain of that ship offered to sponsor him in the Academy.

For whatever reason, he accepted the sponsorship; he left his home at seventeen, and has hardly been home three times in the last four years. Few Starfleet cadets graduate in only three years, but Morrigan made it his mission in life to do exactly that, and was posted on the USS Potemkin at the age of twenty one.