The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Connor Kincaid

Crew Biography


* Born: 2367 * Height: 6' * Weight: 195lbs * Eyes: Hazel * Hair: Dark Brown, short and neatly trimmed. * Build: Muscular, tall, chiseled jaw.

After High School, Connor was admitted to Starfleet Academy where he majored in Security/Tactical. He had limited aptitude for sciences or engineering and so learned only what he would need as a security officer.

When he wasn't studying any of the many martial arts he had been learning, he was improving his piloting skills. At the very least he would make sure he was capable of working one other ship system on the off chance he was needed somewhere other than tactical.

Connor has been assigned to the USS Potemkin as an Assistant Security/Tactical Officer.

On his first mission, Connor was helpful in defeating a pair of Romulan Valdore-class Warbirds who had come into Federation space with unknown intentions. This happened after a first contact encounter with a generational ship that was home to a race called the Anachronians.

Stardate 66723.3
Connor was selected for what was supposed to be a simple mission on the planet Risa. The details of the mission are classified but it was considered a success. It was a brief mission but during it, Connor was injured and lost his left arm at the elbow. He spent the rest of the time away from the ship recovering from the incident and subsequent addition of his replacement limb.

Stardate 67634.0
Connor has rejoined the crew of the Potemkin and continues as an Assistant Tactical Officer.

Stardate 67686.9
The USS POTEMKIN had been taken by the Wotal known as Rin after the crew attempted to save Wotal Prime from destruction.

Connor and a few others, including the ship's first officer, boarded the ship in an attempt to retake the vessel. They were successful, despite the fact that the Potemkin ended up floating in the oceans of Wotal Prime.