The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Flora Hazeline

Crew Biography


Flora was two when her baby brother Jesse was born. She was four when her baby sister, Janine was born. She was six when her father moved the family to the Netherlands from the space station she had been born on. She took a while to get used to the wide open spaces and the amount of people, but she learned the language as any child will, and she grew up, if not happy and content then at least busy and intellectually stimulated. At twelve, her parents divorced as her father was on eternally long business trips and apparently had a girl in every port. That put an end to the summers of travelling to different worlds to spend summer holidays with Dad.

At eighteen her mother became ill, she went to nursing school. She graduated two years later, having worked her tush off, nursing by day and waitressing by night to support the two younger kids as mother fell further ill. At twenty she became a full time caregiver, and when her mother died a year after that, she carried on, caring for her grandparents as they moved in to 'help look after the youngsters', even though they needed more caring for than anyone. She worked full time at the local hospital, and ended up moving the entire family to a remote outpost, where she indulged in prison nursing. Indulged because this was the only way she could at the time combine her love for alien races with her skills at nursing. Besides, being Ferengi run, her wages paid Janine and Jesse's way through school and university by the age of thirty, and by that time the grandparents had all passed, usually under her care.

Having finally set Janine and Jesse on their own paths - Jesse married and with a child at this point! -She decided to look into her own interest full time; xenobiology. Sadly that wasn't an option until one day, she received a letter in the mail. It was about a scholarship program - anyone could apply to go to Starfleet Academy and have their fees paid, in return for a term of service. She decided to trust her fates to the universe and applied. To her surprise she was accepted.

Her Academy career was mostly uneventful, aside from sledding down the local hills on the lunch trays with some of the other students, and when her hissing cockroach farm escaped, and she kept mostly to her small study group, making some dedicated and fast friends. Now, having graduated and with the rank of Ensign. Now xenobiology not being the most in demand of careers, she decided to go for one that combines the old with the new...a .5 nurse, .5 xenobiologists position - the USS Potemkin, via Starbase 22.....