The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Alexander Kenward Grimm

Crew Biography


Personal Information

  • Starfleet ID: NV-621-228
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Eye Color: Blue-gray
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Blood Type: O-
  • Nickname(s): Alex, Reaper (tactical/security simulation callsign)
  • Birthdate: Stardate 44367.9 (May 15, 2367)
  • Birthplace: Harper University Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, Earth (Sol III), Sol System
  • Distinguishing Marks:
    • Various marks and scars
    • The word "Reaper" across his shoulder blades
    • Grim Reaper tattoo on right bicep


  • Children:
    • Veronika Rayne (born January 4 @ 1:50 PM, 2391)
    • Alexis Brianne (born January 4 @ 2:00 PM, 2391)
    • Sonya Christine (due September 30, 2392)
    • Laryssa Nadine (due September 30, 2392)
  • Spouse: Natasha Viktorovna Grimm née Nikitina (married June 9, 2388)
  • Father: Anthony Daniel Grimm
  • Mother: Christine Rachel Grimm née Harper
  • Siblings:
    • Samantha Renee Grimm, younger sister

Service Information

  • Current Assignment: Chief of Security, USS Potemkin, NCC-76927-C
  • Previous Assignment(s): None
  • Awards: Star of Tserra (For actions on Wotal Prime)
  • Reprimands: None

Skills and Abilities

A gifted athlete in sports of all kinds, he found himself particularly well suited to boxing. Taking to it well, he developed most of his pre-Academy fighting ability at a boxing club in Detroit. After a lengthy string of protests by both his mother and sister, he abandoned his boxing "career" to getting into the best shape he could manage. In the big picture, he would end up nearly torturing himself to get his present considerable physical prowess.
After his acceptance into Starfleet Academy, he started studying tactics on a scale both large and small. With the help of simulations and instructors mixed with practically, he developed a solid knowledge of military style small unit tactics. To aid in the survival of a squad based tactical situation, he achieved a degree of medical training akin to a combat medic.
As per standard in the tactical career, he was required to learn a great deal about weapons both large and small. A great deal of study produced a great deal of knowledge and he's able to fire a wide variety of weapons both large and small as well as the engineering know-how to keep them in working order. Alongside the weapons, he developed a similar amount of knowledge of the ships that would fire those types of weaponry.
During his latter years at the Academy going into his assignment to the Potemkin, he began to study squad based tactics more and more, even mimicking special operations units from his native Earth. With his forming of his own special operations team, he organized them so as to use the knowledge he had amassed in a more practical fashion. By learning all sorts of tactical options for insertion/extraction from combat areas and other tactics, he opened up several options he never learned at the Academy.
The only thing in his skill set that can be compared to his tactical prowess is his ability on the guitar. Playing from a young age, he started because he felt it developed good coordination but eventually started playing regularly. While he does enjoy playing, he never entertained the thought of it being anything other than a hobby or method to entertain a his family or friends. His ability to sing is not horrible but not great either, so he generally leaves that part to others.

Physical Description

At nearly 190 pounds stretched over a 6'4" frame, he carries a lean frame with a higher-than-average amount of muscle mass as a product of lengthy physical exercise. Sporting a brown crew cut and a set of blue-gray eyes, his face is very defined.
With a set of mildly broad shoulders holding two very well defined, powerful arms which have a considerable grip. The rest of his body follows suit, being well muscled and well defined. Given his muscle power, he can exert a considerable amount of sheer physical power over a long time when he needs to.
While young, his body has accumulated more than a few nicks and cuts over the years, even more when he started active duty on the Potemkin. In addition, he has a few tattoos that adorn his body, gotten during his time at the Academy. Typically, he'll keep them concealed under his uniform while on duty as to look more professional. Off duty or, during any extenuating circumstances, he will wear more comfortable clothing that show them off more prominently.


Originally a very severe person at the Academy, he carried this onto the Potemkin, but after his relatively brief time on the ship and their many adventures, he's lightened up considerably in his personality. While his marriage to his wife lightened him up a bit, the birth of his two daughters helped more than anything.
One thing that hasn't changed since the Academy is his devotion to what he does best, fighting.
Doing his best to endure his training regiment while keeping his duties as Chief of Security, husband, and father has been quite a challenge. Youthful energy keeping him running most of the time, he does his best to put himself in between danger and the rest of the crew. Given their similar fields, opinions and interests, he has developed an easy friendship with Revan Rayus.
Possessed of a steel will and a never-say-die attitude, he's not shy about backing down from a fight no matter the enemy or how long the odds may be. Experience, marriage and parenthood have brought him to find other solutions to the problems before him, but when all else fails he has his considerable martial skill to fall back on.

Medical History

No severe injuries, but quite a list of bruises and lacerations throughout his life.


Born in Detroit, Michigan to two Starfleet engineers, he and his sister both grew up involved in the workings of the Federation their whole lives. Despite their parents engineering careers, the two siblings quickly went their own paths as his sister delved into all things scientific and he gravitated towards more physical aspects.
It wasn't long before he figured out he had the physical talents for the job, being a naturally gifted athlete from a young age. He developed an early interested in all things martial, including history and tactics, and learned as much as he could. It was soon evident that, given his physical build and interests, he was headed down the tactical career track at the Academy, which he was accepted into on the first try.
It became even more apparent that he was suited for a tactical career not long into the Academy. Sadly, with that level of talent brought a considerable ego along with it. It wasn't until he got into a serious hand-to-hand fighting session with one of his instructors who was a veteran of the Dominion War that he was quickly humbled. His instructor quickly turned into a mentor of sorts, offering advice and pointers whenever Alex had an issue with something.
Two years into the Academy, he met Natasha Viktorovna during a marksmanship course. While initially just classmates, over time it became good friends and eventually love. He initially proposed at the Sadie Hawkins Dance Festival later in their third year, upon which she tearfully accepted. They both admitted that they would wait until after the Academy to get married. One year later they were married, using their mutual assignment as their "honeymoon cruise."
Fitting in at tactical quickly, he and Revan Rayus made quite a pair in manning the tactical station on the bridge. However, it was decided that the young Grimm's talents may be of better use elsewhere, therefore he was named the Potemkin's Chief of Security. With permission, he soon began to overhaul and make changes to security procedures as it pertained to training. He made the training tougher and the marksmanship testing more stringent. He would also later go on and create a special operations team that followed even more strict standards and was made for serious situations that typical security teams couldn't handle effectively.
Between the adventures of the Potemkin and the adventures in marriage, he and Natasha received news that they were going to be parents. After many months of eager anticipation, the twin girls Veronika and Alexis were born. Despite the children being healthy, their arrival nearly cost their mother her life due to complications but she pulled through. A newly minted father, he tends to the three ladies in his life with incredible devotion.
Duty also needs tending to, and he had been with the crew through a great many ordeals of both the mundane and mysterious. From fighting in water with an underwater species to chasing enemies through starbases, if it needs done it gets done.
Through it all, he remains the steel-willed Chief of Security for the Potemkin, ensuring that anything that would do the ship or her crew harm is taken care of swiftly.


  • Natasha Viktorovna
    • The lady who would become Mrs. Grimm started out as an acquaintance on the shuttle to the Academy. The two, while having several classes together and some similar interests, maintained a "just classmates" relationship for some time. Through a few friends, they eventually became closer friends and were eventually married shortly after their graduation from the Academy. Later a mother in addition to a wife, the Grimm family is a close-knit group with both husband and wife devoted not only to each other but to their children as well.
  • Revan Rayus
    • Originally in the same department as Rayus, they quickly developed an easy friendship with his fellow tactical officer. After his move to security, the mutual trust continually. A similar mindset has offered the two a unique view on things. The two fight together well, and maintain a good off duty relationship.
  • Samantha "Sam" Grimm
    • The two siblings were close from a young age. Both being the children of Starfleet engineers, they were heavily influenced into wanting to join Starfleet from a young age. Despite their parents, both he and his sister went on to their own different paths. During the Academy years, Alex was a severe, somewhat uncaring version of himself. His sister never approved of this, appalled by the change in her brother's change in personality. When asked once about how Alex was before the Academy, she said that he was "Compassionate, caring, sensitive...none of this 'Reaper' stuff." Over time the two made amends and still remain close.
  • Alexis, Veronika, Sonya, and Laryssa
    • With two girls and two more on the way, Alex is very proud of his status of a father. Though work keeps him busy, his daughters keep him busier yet and take up most of his spare time. Always ready to talk about his family, his two little girls are the focus of such conversation over he and Natasha. On his desk in his office, he keeps several framed photos with a family picture most prominent among them.