The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Teagan Ceja

Crew Biography


Ceja - pronounced Kay - zjah

Birthdate: 37830.6 (October 31, 2360)


Hair: Chestnut brown, long. Usually braided and loosely wrapped into a bun at the nape of her neck.

Eyes: Hazel.

Height: 5'6"

Body Type: Fit, lean, but not overly slender. She has the appearance of one who has lean muscles.

Ceja has an indifference to how she looks and thinks of herself as being interesting, but not pretty.

Family Background

Teagan was born into a highly religious family that patterned itself upon some of the more isolated religious sects of the twentieth century on Earth.

  • Mother: Rebekah
  • Father: Lucius
  • Siblings: Jaryth, Micajah, Kezia, Adah.

Children: Owain. A hybrid child created from genetic material taken from Captain Warp, Drogan Aklar, Teagan Ceja and Tamarra James.

When plans evolved within her family for her marriage at the age of fifteen, Teagan found a way off world with the help of her eldest brother, Jaryth.

During the massive changes in the universe, when timelines were combined to create a hybrid new timeline, Teagan discovered that, she had been married, run away, and was now widowed. She returned to her homeworld for a short time to take care of her inheritance from her husband, and to sever ties with her family once and for all.

Starfleet Background

Originally slated for a career in Engineering, Ceja found herself on the wrong end of an explosion that killed two of her friends. For a couple of years afterwards she would not step into an engineering room. She initially withdrew from the Academy, but the guilt surrounding the incident ate at her until she decided to return and to become a nurse.

She graduated somewhere around the middle of her class. Her medical academy file has notations scattered through it such as "Competent enough medical practitioner. May be better suited in another field as the touch of brilliance that we occasionally see is not being utilized in this department."

Upon graduation, Teagan found herself assigned to a variety of puddle jumpers bouncing around the inner planets of the Sol system. She was, if she was honest, bored. When the more challenging position of 'nurse-on-the-worst-shift' aboard the USS Potemkin became available, she applied for the job. Nobody was more surprised than she when she got it, and transferred aboard.

'Nurse-on-the-worst-shift' soon became 'Oh-good-you-can-work-with-Arnet-off-you-go-to-a-better-shift'. In their own unique manner, she and Dr. Arnet CMO became good friends.

Under his mentorship, she blossomed, found her feet and possibly more importantly, her voice. The friendships that she found aboard The Potemkin became very important to her, and were a foundation where her own biological family were not.

Then everything changed. Ceja was off the ship, taking her doctorate, when the universe was ripped apart by a madman, and a planet was turned to dust in a heartbeat. Teagan found herself hurrying to finish her qualification and on a ship before the ink was dry on her certificate. She was sent to one of the medical camps that was set up near the gaping hole that had been Romulus.

It was horrific. Ceja only ever hinted at the events there, but it became known that the medical teams had been racing to stay one step ahead of the trauma experienced by the Romulans, who became desperate people living in terrible conditions. The despair, anger and searing need for revenge began to bubble over in a series of attacks upon personnel. The medical teams sent in by Starfleet were evacuated from the camps, and Ceja barely escaped ahead of a group surfaced that were determined to carve their revenge in the bodies of anyone who was not Romulan.

Doctor Teagan Ceja was reassigned to The Potemkin. She arrived back onboard a very different woman than the cheerful girl who had left. She was gaunt. Her hands and face were thin, as though she had lost more than mere innocence.

At first, she struggled to fit back in. But the almost abrasive gentleness Arnet showed her wore away the defences that she'd built around her, and she began to show signs of a sense of humour again. She was promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer, which allowed her a certain amount of stability that she needed to heal.

It was a stability that did not last long. Her mentor, and friend, Dr Arnet was soon to leave the sickbay, and when he did, she was offered the position of Chief Medical Officer. It was with no small amount of sadness that she turned away from the occasional mending of engines (though she reserves the right to mend sickbay equipment when necessary), and took on that role.

In 2393, Teagan moved to the position of Ship's Counselor full time.