The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

John "Jay" Terry Blackburn

Crew Biography


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From Starfleet Records division

Personnel Records of:

(First Lieutenant) John Terry Blackburn A.K.A. "Jay"

Starfleet Service Started in 2384 (enlisted)

Retired from Active Service 2390

Received Officers Commission in 2392


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 215

Skin: Lightly Tanned Caucasian

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Personal Bio:

I am John Blackburn. Most people who know me call me jay however, because of the fact of me never really liking the name John since it was my father’s name. I was born to John and Linda Blackburn in New Orleans on Earth. My mother was a botanist specializing in alien flora. My father was a Star fleet Lieutenant Commander aboard the USS Farragut. He was killed when the ship was destroyed by Klingons. I was only eight years of age when that happened. It is for this reason that to this day, I do not trust klingons. It took a long time to let go of the man who had raised me.
My mother and I were alone after that. We then moved to Luna a year later when my mother was assigned there as a head botanist within the greenhouses. In this time period I had finished school and became a pilot so I could fly my father's Retired Yellowstone class runabout (S.S. Apollo) that my mother and I used to do business trips and vacations. 
After a few months later my mother met David Saunders, a man who worked with her in the greenhouses. He was another accomplished botanist himself, and that was common grounds enough that they became fast friends. After dating for only seven months he came into my room and asked if I would be okay with him marrying my mother. he said he loved her and I believed him. Six months later he had married her and she was pregnant. Eight months later I became an older brother to a girl they named Katrina. For Eight years we grew up together as a family. I never could call David "dad" but he understood and respected the man my father was. 
It was learning to work on the Apollo that inspired me to go through basic to become an engineer within Starfleet. I left my family at 18 at my mother's insistence that I live my life. And so I went. Training was quite the trip and upon graduation I was assigned to the USS Midway, an Akira class cruiser, in the engineering section. We fought during the final moments of the dominion war and moved on to escorting cargo trains afterwords. Eventually I was allowed to rotate out of the crew so I could go back Home. I retired from active duty for two years during which I worked as a Designer for civilian shuttles and cargo escorts. I felt the itch to be aboard a starship again however and left my civilian life to go to the academy. In the months I spent at home, I taught my sister Katy how to fly the Apollo so my it wouldn't be left sitting. It was one of the last tributes we had to my father after all.

Academy was another wild experience. I met many friends that I still try to keep up with today. I may have caused some trouble but i mostly stayed on the instructor's good sides. I also became rated to manage shuttle bays and things of that matter in tribute to what had gotten me into Starfleet to begin with.

After graduation I was assigned to be a test pilot for shuttle craft and fighters under the Starfleet technologies division. I enjoyed myself but wanted to return to engineering so I took an assignment to Earth Space Dock, working as part of the shuttle operations division. It was there that I heard of the openings on board the Potemkin. I had read the reports of the amazing things they had done and wanted the spot badly. I was thrilled when I was accepted into the spot. After the initial nervousness from joining a new ship, let alone such a famous crew, I settled in and discovered a family that still keeps me in stitches.
I kept contact with my family all through this time however, and learned that my sister had followed me through the academy and was graduating soon herself. I was proud that she had done so well at a young age. She was,after all, graduating at nineteen. I had no idea where she had been assigned until I received a shuttle carrying our new nurse that I found out. I was surprised to say the least. My half sister had become my crew mate as well. Apparently the chaos doesn't ever stop. The run-in with the Midway a couple years back shook me to the core after finding that my former captain had perished in the conflict. His death has been added to my grievances against Klingons. This crew has become my family now, and I will continue on with my career with them.  

Life rolls on now. I just turned thirty, and I'm beginning to feel a bit older. Some of the ensigns aboard are a decade younger than I am! The missions still don't stop, and the Captain keeps on blasting up this poor old ship. However, my team and I keep her together and will continue doing so until Starfleet wont let us anymore. While my sister has moved on to another ship, I will remain loyal to the Potemkin.

Official Service Record:

Former crew member of the Akira class USS Midway (NCC-51909), Blackburn served with distinction as a Chief Petty Officer within engineering in the final actions of the dominion war and in convoy escort missions afterward. He was rotated off duty and retired from Starfleet. After two years of civilian life, Blackburn returned to the academy to become an officer. His first assignment was to the Experimental Technologies division at Utopia Planitia as a test pilot. Then was a short stint on an in-system cargo shuttle. From there he resumed his career in Engineering within Earth Space dock for only a few months before requesting and receiving orders to join the USS Potemkin. He has since taken part in the apparent chaos that seems to follow said ship. Recently, he was called back to his Test pilot days and tested the "Stealth", which was then destroyed in combat. Due to it's combat usage being ordered by Captain Mitchell, no disciplinary action was taken. After the regrettable loss of the Potemkin to Wotal insurgents, Blackburn was assigned as the Chief Engineer aboard the Classified Hydra class Prometheus refit. The mission to reclaim the Potemkin was a success and Blackburn is now assigned as the Chief Engineer aboard her after receiving a promotion. He has recently been credited with the invention of a currently experimental torpedo design.


-Shuttle craft pilot

-Fighter pilot

-Small craft pilot

-Space port and Shuttle bay manager

-Full academy training in Engineering

-Second degree black belt in Judo

-First Dan in Hibiki Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū

-Space squadron tactical leadership

-Ground squad and individual tactical leadership

-Advanced Computer programming

-Warp Theory

-Hull dynamics

-Spatial physics

-Quantum Mechanics

-Advanced Warp Theory

-Advanced hull design with propensity for hull separation

-Basic Torpedo Design


-Enlisted Academy of Engineering: Mars

-Engineers mate: USS Midway

-Computer Technician: USS Midway

-Acting Assistant Chief Engineer: USS Midway (given provisional rank of Ensign)

-Officer Academy of Engineering: Earth

-Test Pilot: Utopia Planitia Shipyards

-Crew Mate: Cargo Shuttle SFCS-L4205

-Assistant Engineer: Earth Space Dock

-Assistant Engineer: USS Potemkin

-Chief Engineer: USS Hydra

-Assistant Engineer: USS Potemkin

-Chief Engineer: USS Potemkin

-Chief Engineer: USS Atlantis

-Chief Engineer: USS Potemkin

Revised Psychological Profile: (Report by Councilor Tracy Woods) (Updated).

Unerringly loyal to friends, family, and Crewmates alike, Jay has a mostly relaxed outward shell that belies the steadfast and iron will beneath. He has a strong sense of responsibility that shows in all his work. While respectful to superiors, his strong will can and will come forward when he believes he is right and when left unanswered, will take matters into his own hands. Jay Is very protective of anyone he considers a friend or family and will go to any lengths to protect them.

Fitness for command: Developing real leadership qualities, certainly fit for Department head and ready to take the test for command.


-Father: John Blackburn Sr. (deceased)

     David Saunders (Step Father)

-Mother: Linda Blackburn/Saunders (remarried)

-Siblings: Katrina Saunders (Half Sister from mother's second husband David Saunders)

Personal Items:

-Hybrid Disruptor/Plasma Bolt Pistol from real Father

-Yellowstone Runabout S.S. Apollo (still armed) also from father (currently aboard USS Potemkin)

-Assorted personal pictures

-Wing section from crashed experimental Fighter (Stealth) he was a test pilot of (displayed in Chief Engineer's Office)

His near infamous Engineer's tool belt that somehow contains nearly anything a man and engineer could want or need.

Various gizmos that he has tinkered with over the years.

Medical History: a near fatal shot to the neck during his first mission assigned to the Potemkin by a mysterious phased energy beam. Tended to by Doctor Teagan Ceja. No lingering effects noted.

Blackburn was injured severely in a firefight with the Wotal. He suffered the loss of his left arm and both legs. A shot to the neck also severed his spinal column from his brain stem. Extensive prosthesis put his body back together and a neural interface connected the brain to the rest of his body.

-End of Report-