The Potemkin's dual secondary hulls and weapons pod

Drogan Aklar

Crew Biography


Name: Drogan Aklar Rank: Ensign Position: Assistant Science Officer Age: 26 Gender: Male Species: Trill – Joined Starfleet ID: 971-8065U Birthdate: 37140.5 (February 21, 2360; Terran Calendar) Birthplace: Leran Manev, Trill (Capital City) Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Height: 1.8 meters Weight: 97.5 kg Distinguishing Marks: Normal Trill patterning down left and right sides and across temples and hairline, scar across abdomen from rushed-joining session. Martial Status: Single Previous Postings: Previous Positions: Pre-joining Surname: Enialis

Familial Information: Roryn Enialis, father, Captain, Department of Military Strategy, Starfleet, 53 Atri Enialis, mother, Commodore (Honorary), Head of Starfleet Interstellar Health Services, 53 Kethra Enialis, older sister, Junior Minister, Department of Antiquities, Trill, 32 Dahvet Enialis, younger brother, Enlisted Officer Starfleet, Military Police, SFHQ 23 Emin Enialis, younger sister, Lt. Jg., Command Track, USS Rutherford, 23

Former Hosts of the AKLAR Symbiont Berin Aklar – Male: First joining. Trill’s foremost authority on the liberal arts. Held several doctorates and became the president of Trill’s most well known university. Shaped much of the Aklar symbiote’s personality. (Join: 2164; Unjoined: 2231)

Eurid Aklar – Female: Military scientist working on new weapons for both Trill and Starfleet R&D. Aggressive and determined, resisted the personality of Berin and tried to assert her own on the Aklar symbiot. (Joined: 2231; Unjoined: 2278)

Seris Aklar – Male: Against the Symbosis Commission’s orders he joined Starfleet and became an engineer. For years he is branded as a renegade and having done damage to the Symbiote. Adventurous but ordered. (Joined 2278; Unjoined 2317))

Phaele Aklar – Female: Painter. Famous but only in small circles. Her joining is seen as demeaning to the once respected symbiote. After joining, both personalities express resentment toward the commission. Lives a short life. (Joined: 2317; Unjoined: 2339)

Volen Aklar – Male: Security officer for Starfleet who was trained as an emergency joinee. The symbiote expresses a want to stay with him, the commission allows it. Volen in turn is allowed to seek a successor. Aklar is said to have chose Drogan for the challenge. (Joined: 2339; Unjoined: 2384)