A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Vassar, Chloe Maryse

Ensign assigned to the Potemkin in 2384. She is Five feet, five inches tall with chocolate brown eyes and black hair. It is known that her brother is a fashion designer and made a flattering, custom-fit EVA suit for her.

Eager, hyper-active, and a bit flirtatious, Vassar served in engineering and came aboard shortly before the confrontation with The Ascendant at the Holt Nebula. She helped keep engineering in order during the battle and help at least one of her fellow engineers get to sickbay after he was injured.

After the battle she participated in EVA mission to release an Ascendant booby trap that latched itself to the hull during the battle. She, Phozic, and Bom were able to destroy the trap before it could do any serious damage.

Vassar had a few passing crushes on both Prax and Bom.

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