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Uatu, Lieutenant

Assistant Engineering Officer and Chief Repair Technician aboard the USS Potemkin. Uatu is member of the Deltan race. The Deltans are race of sexually evolved beings whose mere touch can cause arousal in non-Deltans. Because of this, Uatu is allowed to wear a non-standard uniform which consists of an all white tunic/kilt combination and long gloves.

Uatu had a unique relationship with Commanders Bom and Jordan, as he was mutually attracted to them both. Uatu began service on the Potemkin in mid-2382. When he came aboard he introduced himself as Lieutenant Uatu and he was under the impression that he was to be the next XO of the Potemkin. Captain Mitchell stated that there was a mix up somewhere, and that Uatu was to be in engineering. Disheartened, Uatu started out his career a bit bitter.

Over the years he has warmed up and become a vital part of the crew. He can often be seen underneath consoles in engineering, tinkering with their innards.

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