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Tankersley, William

Lieutenant Bill Tankersley is an agent of Starfleet Intelligence, and is also, secretly, a member of Section 31.

Around stardate 64067.4, Tankersley was assigned to undercover duty on the neutral/criminal world of Boses, near Altair IV, to seek out information concerning pirate and suspected terrorist Ard Jarikar. His disappearance prompted Starfleet to send the USS Potemkin to discover his whereabouts. (TEM: "A Thing or Two About Loyalty, Part I")

On stardate 64069.5, Tankersley, on board the Potemkin in the guise of the Benzite Benten, discharged a systems disruption device while pretending to conduct a closed-door interview with Nicole Cervanny, later blaming her for the incident when confronted by the Potemkin crew. It was only when Nurse Ceja noticed an irregularity in his prosthetics that Benten was discovered not to be a Benzite at all, Bill Tankersley in disguise. His plan had been to learn what he could about Jarikar and take in Cervanny, his former lover, in with him if possible. His plans were foiled by that meddling Potemkin crew. When last seen, Tankersley was being escorted under armed guard to the Potemkin brig. (TEM: "A Thing or Two About Loyalty, Part II")

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