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Sorin, Admiral

Admiral Sorin (revealed to be a Romulan agent named Solok) was longtime commanding officer of Starbase 22, and proved to be a constant thorn in the Potemkin's side. As part of his role on Starbase 22, Sorin was in charge of Izar Fleet, a detachment of vessels responsible for security in a region between the Romulan border and Wotal Prime.

Sorin first appeared in "Back Ashore" to announce that the ship was being assigned to an Akira wing in the fleet. He later noted the change from the neutral zone to the de-militarized zone and the Potemkin was being sent to patrol it in "Balance of Power." He also oversaw the transfer of two new fighter craft to the 'Tem in "Target Practice." And later he was there to debrief/berate the crew during "The Calm After the Storm." The crew just barely missed seeing him again in "The Rules of Requisition" but they couldn't keep away for long. After the events of "Discontinuity," Sorin wasn't sure if he could trust the crew, so he sent them on a long range sensor mission.

In "Homeless" he announced that the 'Tem was beyond repair (after the events of "Memory in Flames") and assigned the crew temporarily to the USS Navarre. He also was the officer that officially demoted Arkin from Commander to Lieutenant Commander. With a bit of hesistation, he later gave orders to Warp and the crew to board the recently refurbished Potemkin in "Epiphany."

Later, during "Condition Yellow," he had the crew remained docked at the starbase because of a terrorist plot they claimed was afoot. However, after some time, Sorin unexpectedly canceled the investigation. The Admiral was later spotted on the 'Tem, and was captured after a space walk -- only to find it was a Romulan imposter.

He contested Arnet's being appointed executive officer in "Awakening From the Dark" and suggested Lt. Uatu for the position, but eventually acquiesced. During "Fog of Peace" he contacted the Potemkin to help in the search for a missing team on the Starbase.

As commander of the Izar Fleet, Wotal affairs fell under Sorin's auspices. He was at the opening of relations between the Wotal and the Federation during "A Breather" and promoted Warp to Fleet Captain, also appointing him as temporary ambassador to Wotal Prime.

Admiral Jenson conferred with Sorin during the court martial hearings of Captain Mitchell, Commander Arnet, and Commander Arkin. When the hearings resumed he was said to be impatiently waiting to confer with Admiral Yuval about the fate of the three.

By 2387, shortly before the events of "Tangled," Sorin was promoted to Vice Admiral and assigned to Starfleet Command. He retained this role and nominal command of the Izar Fleet until his exposure as a Romulan agent named Solok during the events of "Magic Carpet Ride" in 2388. He largely vanished from the Potemkin's affairs after this event, but his involvement was suspected in the subsequent Romulo-Wotal alliance.

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