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Salbok, Lieutenant

Engineering officer, Starfleet service number 127-7393C, on the ill-fated USS Sarajevo. The ship was nearly destroyed while in the Gamma Quadrant and lost for 11 years, with Salbok being the only survivor. Salbok transmitted a distress signal on RF bands before the transmitter stopped working. He also set up an air filtration system on deck five forward, where he lived. He was forced to survive by eating the meat of the pets of his former crew mates. The isolation and the forced meat-eating had taken their toll on his sanity.

The Potemkin picked up on his transmission and sped to the scene, where they encountered Salbok. Prax had to convince Salbok that he was real, but finally won his trust enough to get him off the ship and into sickbay. It was revealed that Salbock carried from the Hur'q virus the crew had beat off a week earlier, and that he had lowered his own metabolism to try and stop it.

Salbok also was close to a woman named Helen, but it was never revealed what exactly her relationship was.

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