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Roacher, Captain Bryan (alt.)

Captain Bryan Roacher, commander of the alternate USS Canaday (Sovereign class), was involved in military action against the USS Potemkins, both alternate and from our own universe.

Roacher developed a strong dislike for Tom Arnet after his visit to the Alternate Universe in 2378. Dr. Arnet was forced to take over the Canaday from Roacher in order to escape and make it back to his home universe. Roacher eventually recruited the alternate Arnet, Thomas, to travel to our universe and drive Tom Arnet insane out of revenge.

Captain Roacher defended Memory Alpha against the USS Potemkins. After his loss there, he was removed from command of the Canaday. He eventually regained his post on the Canaday in order to capture the alt. Potemkin and end the Grey Coat conflict. He was partially successful and captured the alt. Captain Mitchell.

His machinations were stopped by the Potemkin crew and he was captured by the Grey Coats. However, in his last bit of revenge, he disintegrated Thomas with a Romulan disruptor.

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