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Rhando, Lieutenant Commander (alt.)

Chief Tactical/Security Officer on the alternate USS Canaday. He was a stern dark skinned man who was loyal to a fault to his CO, Captain Bryan Roacher. He was known to be extremely distrustful of Romulans.

He was first encountered by Doctor Arnet when he accidentally was thrown onto the Canaday. Rhando instantly took a dislike to him, and did all he could to oppose him. He was present during the events of "Unto the Breach" and was stranded on the dead Canaday along with the rest of the crew.

In the years between "Unto the Breach" and "Discontinuity" he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, but retained his post. He was aboard the Canaday when the crew from our universe's Potemkin seized the ship and he was stunned in a phaser fight with Ensign Ryan.

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