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Remal, Aren

Liason officer to the Federation Security Council, and adjunct to the Sector Commander for Sector 001. She was assigned by Starfleet to investigate the Potemkin at the request of Joseph Cornell.

Though rarely seen in episodes, Remal was very active in logs, detailing her investigation into the 'Tem crew. During her time onboard she became friends with Jim, the bartender, who somehow knew her affinity to blood wine. Although shut out of major events (going so far as being left behind when the crew left Starbase 27 in a hurry during the events of "'Round Perdition's Flame"), she was able to observe the crew's reactions to their myriad adventures and began to think that Cornell's crusade was not entirely justified. Cornell's comments during "Dark Places" indicated that she had managed to lose his favor with her "incomplete" reports.

Admiral Jenson called Remal to give testimony during the court martial of Captain Mitchell, Doctor Arnet, and Commander Arkin. To the surprise of the crew, she gave a generally positive overview of her time aboard. She and Cornell appeared to have had a falling out.

A worn-looking Remal would show up at the next hearing on starbase 74, being led to see Admiral Yuval. In that meeting she gave false testimony, claiming that she had falsified evidence to show the crew in a negative light in order to please Cornell. Because of this testimony she was stripped of her commission. She later admitted to Warp, Arkin, and Arnet that she lied because she believe they were only doing their jobs and she didn't want the guilt of ruining their careers. During her explanation she revealed having a passing understanding of the ancient Earth Hebrew people. Remal said she planned on returning to Trill to seek out "an honest living."

A human version of Remal would appear as "Cori," a secretary for newspaper editor Walt Arnold during Warp's hallucination about the Red Scare in 1950's Hollywood, Earth.

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