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Section 31 operative, and in special charge over the recruitment of Warp to the organization. To this end, he was behind one of the many cults that appeared on the dying world of Acoria. Their plan was to influence the Acorians to seek revenge on Arnet by poisoning him. With the doctor dead, Warp would have very little left for him in Starfleet proper. He pressured an Acorian scientist, Karth, to hide the only antidote known.

Peters appeared to Warp after the captain had figured out the plot in "'Round Perdition's Flame" and declined anything to do with the organization. Peters seemed undeterred and left a communication device for Warp, just in case.

Warp later contacted Peters after the 'Tem was attacked by the Minerva and Micheal was kidnapped. Peters only vaguely acknowledged direct responsibility for the incident and also refused to straightforwardly say if Micheal was alive or dead; only that the engineer was needed for an "experiment." He seemed a little disappointed at Warp's cold demeanor, and left the 'Tem with "a gift" - the destruction of the Minerva by warp core breach.

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